The Creative Blogger Award



To be honest, I’m astounded this award was given to me, I wasn’t really expecting it when Suze came at me on my homepage and said, “You….yes YOU! Have been nominated for the Creative Blogger Award! go forth and blog about it!” Her on the other hand, she’s a phenomenal blogger. I absolutely adore reading everything she writes and I enjoy our conversations very much! I guess I should get on with it and stop praising her, after all the award is supposed to be about me! Haha.




Okay, so first I’m supposed to thank Suze.

Thank you Suze!!

I’ve probably already put a few links to her blog somewhere around here, there are some directly off to the side of the page if you’re in a browser. If you’ve not checked out her page, I recommend you do so. The woman is always a hoot.

Well I already listed the rules, I’m in the process of writing the blasted post so get off my back and the award is right up there! Look for yourself! Guess the next thing to do is share 5 facts about myself… Hmm…

1.) I love fire. I’m absolutely mesmerized by the sight of flames. I am an absolute pyromaniac. Coincidentally, today’s prompt is flames. Go figure.

2.) I love animals to an insane degree. I even feed the squirrels and chipmunks in my area whenever I see them out. I think they’re actually starting to warm up to me!

3.) I tend to wear a lot of mono-tone clothing. Black primarily, but I’ve begun branching out with the thanks of a wonderful little site, JustFab. I got a nice pair of light blue flair bell bottom jeans from there and a nifty green top! My wardrobe is still like 99% black though. 

4.) I love DC Universe and Marvel comics, as well as movies. I love them so much that I even got a exclusive T-shirt featuring Deadpool saying “Tacos” !!! Yes, I suppose I’m nerdy. What of it?

5.) I’m apparently funny even when I’m being serious, which confuses me. I’ve been told I could be a comedian based on some of my life experiences and the way I tell the stories about my life. Though it could be in part to the fact that I like using funny voices and narrating my own life story as if I were the fellow who narrates George of the Jungle. Playing Cards Against Humanity is a total blast, they always try to make me read the question then everyone else’s responses.

Okay, now for the last part of this whole shindig… Nominating 5 people. Gosh, why all these rules?! I’m just going to nominate those that inspire me, or make me die of giggles, because you guys are the ones who help me make it through my days! Okay, to the nominating!!

Sprawly Always sharing beautiful photographs that are mesmerizing. So many hues, and so inspiringly gorgeous.

CalicoJack whom I’ve been silently stalking but not yet fully established a complete following of through the wonderful BMU. They’ve been keeping me chuckling throughout the whole election business.

Dylan someone whom I’ve found a fellow geek in. I enjoy stalking his blog silently in the night as the noise settles in my home. Very interesting fellow, I suggest you give him a look see!

Mliae Her blog is about the experiment we call life. She does reviews, real live things that matter, and she does it with pizzaz! I met her through one of her blogging parties and I have to say, I’ve not yet been disappointed by her writings!

Paul I met this wonderfully hilarious and sensational man through Suze, I must say, I find his writing style to be both different and hilarious. I wish I had someone like him for an uncle, I’d of had the most hilarious childhood! Or even a brother, that’d of been nice too! Seriously, go read this mans blog. You won’t regret it. Your pants and chair might, but you won’t!

Okay, I think that about sums it up! Cheers to those I nominated, if you accept and write me a pretty blog I’ll forever be eternally grateful!

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