Little Ideas

I’ve been having some ideas that just seem to tower over me like the most intense sky scraper’s shadow would on a hot sunny day on random passerby. Ideas like what does it take to make a relationship work, why is it the messages always flowing by are about men treating women right and not vice versa? It takes two to make it work after all, right? Also, what does it take to be President? One would think you have to have some knowledge of the responsibilities and your capabilities in such a prestigious office in order to even get the nomination let alone the votes. Some of my friends had the lofty idea that I could run for president, once I become of the appropriate age of course. Maybe I could.


I’ve always wondered what the point of all the tall far reaching sky cloud loving buildings is. Do people think of they build something high enough that they will see beyond the clouds in the hopes of finding out what is above? Do these architects and moguls hope to be seen by a divine power in the sky if they build high enough? Or are the companies that pay for these magnificent structures overcompensating for some short coming of theirs? Like maybe the CEO has erectile dysfunction or something. 


All the time I see these images with words talking about how men should treat their lady like a princess because she can take what she is given and multiply it by a thousand. Apparently she can take money and feed a family, a structure and turn it into a home, and sperm into children but if she is given shit (their words not mine) she will unleash unholy hell upon him. What about women treating men right? Why can’t we have hundreds upon thousands of messages about women treating men with dignity and respect? As the wife of a hard working man, stay at home mother of two beautiful little girls, I feel men don’t get enough props for being good men and being deserving of good women. It bothers me so much that women only think of themselves and not their significant other. How insignificant do you have to feel in your own relationship to espouse that kind of negativity?


What does it really take to be the President? I mean, Donald Trump got elected and has no political background. His business sense isn’t that great, if you look at how many busineses he started that failed or got him sued. What exactly is he capable of even doing as POTUS? Realistically, of course. Honestly, if I ran for President, I would demand that Rand Paul be my Vice President pick. He knows what he is doing. He is very intelligent and has very solid ideas. One of my first acts would be to cleanse Congress and the Senate, then cut the pay of all those who work in politics, myself included. Term limits for all forms of politics would be a must. Nobody needs that much money, nor do they need to waste away doing the same thing over and over again. Just as we need a new President to take over every few years, our political system needs to be refreshed as well. 


But these are just the thoughts and ramblings of a house wife. Who really knows the purpose behind the exceedingly tall buildings that seem to stretch in for forever? I may very well be one of the few women in the world who still believes that men deserve to be lavished with love and attention just as much as a woman. Maybe my friends lofty idea might become a reality, after all, we almost had Hillary as President of the United States. What do you think? Let me know your thoughts on the subjects in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Little Ideas

  1. Both men and women have an intrinsic need to be loved. Both of them. I think what you are seeing is so many of the women who haven’t been cherished are blasting out their feelings in public. Women do that…easily. We share our rages our fears our triumphs..with friends, relatives, even total strangers. men do not. They share with their significant others…….and then not so much.

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    • Yea, you’re probably right. I just don’t get it though, I mean… I guess everyone deals with being scorn time and time again differently. I was scorn by every guy I was with until my husband, but I still think he deserves to be put upon a pedestal.

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  2. Very good post. And I agree with you that it should always be a two way street on the uplifting of a couple! ❤ You could be president some day too I think. Might start out in some local gov. to see how it feels there first. Yeah not sure how Trump got to go for the gold without some background in politics! hehe

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