Living A Nightmare

Yesterday was probably one of the most horrific days, filled with pulse pounding fear and anxiety. I could barely leave the kids side for all the stomach churning terror that wracked my mind and body yesterday and last night.


I had gotten myself a cute pair of magnetic earrings that I figured, well since I can’t wear regular earrings then, magnetic are the best best thing, right? At first I was right. I could wear them when I wanted, so long as nobody touched them. It caused my ears to hurt slightly from the movement, otherwise they were fine and I liked them! When not being worn, I kept them up on my computer desk. There is a rise on my desk where I keep my keyboard which is above the kids heads, I figured that was the perfect place! They wouldn’t ever see them, and in order to get to them they had to climb into my desk then waddle over to the opposite end of the desk just to find them. You see, they can only get up on one side of the desk and I tend to keep a sharp eye on them when they’re downstairs with me. They’ve never actually made it on top of my desk before, which was why I thought they were safe there.


Around 9:30am-10am the fright of a life time arrived as I saw Marie handing Celeste one of the jewel pieces of the earring set. I felt my heart catch in my throat as the blood drained from my face and immediate panic and peril took over my usually calm demeanor. For close to ten minutes, they stood in my kitchen looking as terrified as I was as I kept asking them where the other pieces were. They didn’t seem to have a clue, but I certainly did! My first panic stricken thought was that one or both of them had swallowed the magnetic earrings.


I had only heard horror stories of kids swallowing magnets and they always ended with the kid(s) having to wait it out, only to end up having extreme terrible bowel problems when trying to pass the blasted thing. My mind was racing a million miles a minute as my panic driven brain searched for some semblance of assurance that all would be well. Next thing I know, my phone is ringing. I recognize the special rington as my husband’s and I answer immediately, quickly apologizing for waking him and explaining why I was freaking out like a mad hatter. Bad idea. My husband is a first time parent, and his first instinct was to Google what my mind assumed happened and immediately began freaking out too.


By 11am I had searched every nook and cranny I could think of which would be a hiding spot of theirs as my husband nervously smoked a cigarette as if it were the only thing keeping him from falling apart. The pair of us probably looked like loons to an outsider. We couldn’t help it, according to Google our child(ren) could die from consuming the link of magnetic earrings! This did not help my anxiety, not one tiny bit. A few minutes past time for them to eat lunch and an idea hits me almost like a semi-truck smashing into an insect on the highway going 75mph.


“Marie, did you or sissy eat these?” I cried, brandishing the one piece of the earring set I had gotten from them.

“No mama.” she looked seriously at me as she shook her head no. 


Sudden immense overwhelming relief struck me. The first thought was that thank goodness my kids weren’t going to die. For a moment there, okay over an hour, I had actually lost hope for the future. The throbbing of my blood vessels by my ears finally seemed to slow down until I couldn’t hear it anymore. My husband and I agreed that the sentence was simple enough for Marie to understand and that we should take her statement as fact. Sadly my paranoid mind would not allow me to rest. Shortly after my husband finally went back upstairs to sleep, the girls ate lunch. I read them stories like usual then left them to play in their room while I went to the store for some lunch containers for the hubbies lunches. 


Promptly got the kids out of their room once I had put everything away, as my mind was still running wild with fear that they had swallowed the earrings and Marie had lied to me. Fear drove my every move yesterday. I kept them with me for as long as I could until bed time. Even after they had long since fallen asleep, I kept creeping into the room to make sure they were breathing still.


Low and behold, my husband texts me around 11pm, long after I should have been asleep. He had found the earrings attached to his set of keys. A sensation of extreme relief as though the world had just been lifted off my shoulders washed over me. All the fear and panic and anxiety left me as a wave of glee replaced it. My girls are going to be fine, they aren’t going to experience gut wrenching pain and suffering. The nightmare fuel that had kept me awake all those hours in a frenzied panic was gone. Shortly after talking to my husband I passed out, blissfully unaware of anything else in the world and with a new determination to keep anything and everything harmful as far from my babies as I can.

5 thoughts on “Living A Nightmare

  1. so glad Allan found the missing pieces. We all go through “the scare”. with each kid. You are probably extremely lucky in that they both gave you “the scare” at the same time. Nothing will ever be as frightening again.

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