Those Blasted Dishes

Some people are fine with having a dirty or even down right filthy home but I am so not that kind of person. So much to the point that people are surprised half the time when they come to visit me because my home is so freakishly clean. I sweep anywhere from two to three times a day, because if I don’t and I feel dirt on my feet I lose my mind and start cleaning my house like a person on crack. Don’t believe me? Go find a crack addict and let them in your house on the promise of $20, your house will be freaking immaculate. Sure there might be bits of clutter but it’d be the most organized clutter you could have imagined and your floors will be clean enough to eat off. 


Having kids, especially young ones, having a clean enough floor that you can eat off it can really pay off. I know I have a hard time keeping my kids food off the floor, no matter how often I threaten to take something away. Tapping the hand and time out in the corner don’t help any either, so being such a freak about clean floors is essential when you’ve got youngins.


My kitchen is probably my focal point of cleanliness. I do dishes so often that my eczema is constantly flaring up. My husband constantly feels bad for me because I wash so many dishes and am constantly finding different things that need to be cleaned, it is honestly amazing I find time to teach the kids while getting all the cooking and cleaning done around here! 


They say if you clean a little every day, you’ll never have to really devote an entire day to cleaning. In some cases this can be very true. For me however, I usually spend about 70% of my day cleaning or cooking. The rest of my day is playing with kids, or teaching them, or feeding them.

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