Fed Up

Disclaimer : There is graphic language not suitable for those who are easily offended.



I have just about had enough of the gosh darn Clinton supporters and their whining about the election. America, you made this country into what it is. You are the fools who made the race between a baboon and a lying bitch. Pardon my language but that is what she is. People claim her lies were debunked but I know she is a liar. There are so many things she lied about, just to get sympathy votes! She may be a woman, but by George she is unfit to lead anything. Why do you think her own husband cheated on her? If she couldn’t keep her man in line, how well do you think she could handle an entire nation?!


She lied about being under gunfire, exaggerated just to get sympathy and build up her voters. She called into question a rape victims mental stability and ability to recite factual information even though she felt in her heart of hearts that the man she was defending was indeed a rapist, even with an eye witness testimony got him off with a slap on the wrist. She stayed married to a man who used and then threw away women like they were nothing.


You want to shame Trump? Go ahead. Sure, call him racist for wanting to enforce our own laws. Laws that most every other fucking nation has. Do I like Trump? No. Does what he says make much sense? 99% of the time, no. Closing our borders though until we can properly vet those entering our country and enforcing immigration laws sounds pretty damned logical to me though.


Trump may be sleazy, perverted, disgusting, he may very well be misogynistic, but at least he doesn’t want our nation to be extinct because we can’t stop pandering to the terrorists that would sooner see our nation dead. Take a look around at some of the countries that have allowed unvetted and unmonitored immigration, see how they treat the women and children.


This is why I am an armed citizen.


Yes I am furious as I write this. I recognize this may make me seem like Trump supporter but I assure you, I’m far from it. You fools of America are the ones who made this a popularity contest over who makes you less sick to your stomachs and look where it got us?


Why didn’t you fools pick Rand Paul? Or even Bernie Sanders?! At least then it would have been a fair freaking presidential election you bunch of meandering pansies!


I am done with the whining and complaining. America, you made your bed. You can lay in it for all I care. I am absolutely done.

17 thoughts on “Fed Up

  1. I have to admit, I’m a Hilary fan, but not because she is a good politician but because she is not Trump. I’m a Brit, but I do feel sorry for Americans because you really didn’t have a great choice in this election; a liar or an idiot. What do you choose? Unfortunately more and more political decisions seem to now be down to which is the lesser of two evils.

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  2. Why do you think her own husband cheated on her? If she couldn’t keep her man in line, how well do you think she could handle an entire nation?!

    I can’t stand by this notion. Often, when Bill Clinton’s misconduct is brought up in order to denigrate Hillary, this is connotation I get. She shouldn’t be blamed for “not controlling her man” because he is his own person.

    However, if Hillary Clinton harassed any of those other women, you have a case … and I do agree with questioning why should stood behind such an effing sleaze.

    Trump is also a sleaze and I wish we had a better choice.

    Oh, and I would have loved to have Rand Paul vs. Bernie Sanders. Or at least Sanders for the Democrats. We got screwed, man.

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    • From what I have read, she did hound and degrade the people her husband slept with behind her back, including the one he got caught with. They’ve done interviews and such. Considering how she called into question a child’s mentality during a rape case back when she was a lawyer, I don’t doubt it.

      Rand Paul vs Bernie Sanders would have been a better presidential campaign by far and large. Rand Paul is a doctor who does lasic eye surgery for children in Kentucky, every once in a while he takes a serious case and does it for free even. Real stand up guy. His political platform was admirable too.

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      • I read one article that addressed how Hillary responded to her husband’s philandering ways. She may have used private detectives to dig into the women’s past. And George Stephanopoulos confirmed one time when Hillary said that the Clinton people needed to “kill her story” with regards to one woman in particular. It’s certainly possible.

        Rand Paul also did a proper filibuster once, so that earns my respect. He was one of the saner candidates. However, he is a Libertarian at heart and I don’t agree with all his stances. But he would have been a far better candidate than the two major ones were were left with.

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          • There are two issues the Libertarians have that I can’t support.

            One is the abolishment of the IRS. I have seen that agency sting, at it wasn’t pretty. But we need the IRS for revenue collection. People would not pay compulsory taxes. We need an automatic tax collection system, although it would be nice to see reforms to help the lower and middle classes.

            The other issue is the abolishment of the Department of Education. Why should we get rid of it? We need a department that sets educational standards for the rest of the nation. Not all education should be localized. Most (like history, English, mathematics, literature to a degree) should be standardized.

            Rand Paul is on the wrong side of these issues, although I agree with him about teachers to a degree. We do need to reward the best teachers and it should be easier to fire the worst, abusive ones.

            And I think the filibuster was about drone strikes. I agree with him on that issue.

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            • Limiting government while good can also have adverse effects, on these two situations I agree with you. We need Department of Education – it is a necessity not a privilege. Taxes are evil as hell and cause many families not to be able to afford single income homes but they’re also a necessity because without taxes we couldn’t afford public schools, road work, etc. Not to mention, trying to rid ourselves of debt.

              He did a filibuster against NSA spying as well. I bought a shirt from his site that said something along the lines of the nsa knows I bought this shirt haha

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