Born A Patriot

I’ve been muddling over in my head the past few days about this post. It is a hot button issue, it makes me angry, and many disagree with me about it. To be frank, I don’t care though. A patriot, a true America loving patriot who appreciates the freedoms that our nation give us would stand tall and scream from the mountaintops. Sadly so few have the courage or the sense to see the reality of the problem. I have no such fear of rejection, dismissal, or public hatred. I am too honest a person to care about hurting the special snowflakes of the world. Truth is what it is.


Multiculturalism is great, in moderation. If you look at all the currently prosperous and flourishing countries, there is one predominately common factor. They keep to themselves, enforce their countries laws, and those who immigrate to their country have to emerse themselves into the countries culture. They assimilate because that is what creates a successful country. They learn the language, customs, they follow the law and become citizens that take pride in the country they live in.


In America it used to be that way, but as time has gone by and we became the melting pot of the world, we have lost our laws. We have become broken. We no longer have a country who stand together, because we have allowed ourselves to be divided. People come here without going through the proper channels and yet we allow them to stay without requiring them to do what we should be requiring of them. They don’t learn our nation’s history, they don’t learn our language, they hide under the radar instead and are given freebies by our government which is paid for by the hard working American Citizens. The labor of our patriots, the hard sweat of our working class, they pay the price with higher taxes and loss of their jobs. This is not what our forefathers wanted for this country. That was why they made laws.


If I went to someone’s house, talked with my mouth full, spoke gibberish, and left my manners at the door, you would think I were the rudest nastiest most abrasive human you ever met. Now imagine I kill your family dog, because that’s what my religion believes we should eat and I didn’t clean up after myself. Instead, I punch anyone who comes near me because it’s my people’s custom. Pretty messed up, right? You would never want me in your home again, let alone want to see me anywhere within a 20 mile radius of you and your family.


So why are we allowing this in our own country? It is our home, we should take a little more pride in it by enforcing our laws. 


To the dear little special snowflakes out there : I hope I hurt your precious sensibilities. I am tired of you trying to make everyone feel bad for wanting what is best for our nation.

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