What Does It Take?

In the months of waiting to see who would become the next President of America, through lines of sweat and anticipation, one thing has really been on my mind a lot lately.


What does it take to be the President? What do Americans want in a Presidential Nominee? We spent over a year listening to the nominees and yet somehow when it boiled down to it, we got stuck with Hillary and Donald for options. What made them so appealing to the masses that they’re the ones we had to pick from? Even now, after the electoral college and the masses have spoken, I don’t understand.


So I ask you, my readers, followers, my family and my friends, what does it take? In your opinion, what makes a good candidate? What are the issues you want to see fixed and how would you like to see it happen?


I am asking out of both a selfish and educational purpose, as I one day would like to put my name in for the running and I would love to hear from the American people what they feel needs to be done. Yes, the entire reason for this post is to elicit a response, thought, and consideration. I hope it works.


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