Merry Tidings

Today is the day we Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a time for family, food, happiness, and remembrance of what we are thankful for. We do our best to put aside childish petty fights and chaotic family dramas to spend a day together in grateful bliss. Be it a thanksgiving turkey, a ham, or the infamous turducken (it really is infamous, if you don’t know what it is, Google it!), we tend to take this as a moment in which we gather the family from far and wide and come together.


I decided I want to make a thankful list, of all the things and or people that I am thankful for. I promise I will do my best to keep it short.




My Mom : birth giver, mother, care taker, in home nurse/doctor, amazing cook, and overall my role model. I hope to one day be even half the amazing mom she has been to me. She truly is an inspiration to the person I hope I can one day be. She has done more for me than most mothers I’ve ever heard of, let alone know.

Aunt Shirley : She has and continues to be an immovable rock of support to my mom. It is through her love and adoration for my mom that I finally came to realize I had been a dreadful child. Thanks to her, I realized before it was too late. I have since been doing my best everyday to show my mom how much she means to me. I can never express the depth of my gratitude to my Aunt Shirley.

My Husband : the first person outside my mom to accept me for who I am, flaws and all. He supports me mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I am one lucky lady to have him by my side.

My Children : all three of my children are blessings that I am thankful for each and every day. I wouldn’t trade either of them for all the money in the world.

Gabby : Probably my longest lasting friend, I met her in high school. I am beyond happy to know her, and so proud of the woman she became. She is a beautiful devoted mother, with a spirit and soul so magnificent and amazing. She is the only person from my earlier years aside from my mother that I have contact with.

Suze & Angie : These two lovely ladies have been of such value since I met them. We met through a game we played together and have been pretty good friends for about 3 years now, might be longer. Honestly, no idea! They both have seen me through ups and downs, metaphorically held my hand and have bolstered my confidence in ways I never thought imaginable.

Steph : this woman is a wizard. In the best way, of course. She is beyond tech savvy, smarter than me by far, a wonderful and treasured friend. She is also a wonderful mother to two of the sweetest and coolest kids I’ve ever seen.

Caidy : Where do I even begin? This lady has been through the works, yet comes out stronger on the other side. Even through the junk that gets thrown her way through life, she has always managed to make a smile appear on my face when we talk.

Viv : Our relationship started rocky, both of us being mild mannered no-shit-taking badasses who have little to no patience for people in general. We are unfiltered and I adore her. If you make it past the prescreening, you’ll find a wonderful friend in her. So grateful we had the chance to meet, even if only virtually.

Patricia : Even with all that the world has thrown at her, she still tries her best every day to make the best of every day. She is a stay at home mom of a wonderful blossoming young man.


If I forgot anyone, I do apologize.




Facebook : Without Facebook, I doubt my friends and I could have the fun, hilarious, and sometimes downright frightening conversations.

WordPress : Thanks to this blogging website, I have a means of getting the jumbled mess of thoughts out. I’ve also found some amazing blogs to read through here.

Technology : The advancements from technology that have branched off into medicine are astounding. Due to these advancements, hopefully in the near future, we will see an end to the cancer epidemic that has plagued the world.

Modes of Transportation : Thanks to the beauty that is transportation, I get to have the best Christmas ever. I finally am going to see my mom this year, for Christmas! Best present ever.

7 thoughts on “Merry Tidings

  1. Beautiful post honey. I am very thankful for still having you in my life as my daughter and as a friend. Our daily phone chats are something I look forward to so very much. Even though I’m scared poopless about flying, I am looking forward to seeing you and meeting my grandbabes and your hubby this xmas! I love you so very much! ❤

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