Disturbed and Perturbed

The amount of vigor with which so many are clinging to the idea that the election was fixed, rigged, bugged, or messed with is insane. Honestly a great portion of America is sick and tired of politics, they’re sick and tired of being forced to pay for other people’s junk. A great deal of America is tired of having their hard earned money stolen from them, just to have it given to people who don’t want to work. It would be all well and fine if that money went to needy people who were actually needy, but instead it has been going to the lazy, the worthless, the slackjawed fools of the world who think they can spend their lives sitting on their rear ends living off the sweaty backs of the hard working.


An average day family consisting of two parents and two children, father working a decent job making $2k before taxes will only see about $1.2-$1.5k at best. That is after having the cost of whatever medical coverage they have taken out and what ever state, city, county, and medical taxes that don’t even pay for their families medical. Take into account the average cost of living, even for an apartment is anywhere from $600-$800, meanwhile trying to buy a house? $800-$1000 a month. That is 1/3 of the best case scenario monthly income gone immediately. Say the family needs a new car, shabby to almost decent credit with a trade in worth only $2k, monthly payments on a $16k car are around $400-$600, which is 1/4-1/3 of what’s left of your monthly budget. Take into account having to pay high dollar insurance for that new car while you’re making payments, even if you have nothing on your record, it’s about $800 give or take a few dollars every 6 months. That’s about $400 every 3 months at best or $130ish a month if you make monthly payments but most places charge more for month by month payments. Then you have electric you have to pay if your renting, internet, phones and cellphones, along with cable because everyone keeps bundling junk just to “save money”. That’s another $200-$500 a month, depending on electric usage.


Going with the worst case scenario, that is already $2040 average for a renting family. That isn’t counting food, necessities like clothing, toilet paper, diapers or pull ups, wipes, feminine hygiene products, pain pills for that wretched time of the month, visits to the doctor for illnesses. Then there are the hospital visits that come with having a family, specialty doctors, dentist visits so on and so forth. By the time all is said and done, the family is broke. Doing their best to live within their means, working till they can barely stand anymore.


How do I know these figures? I’m living it. I know the struggle because I see the figures every time we see his paychecks. We are fed up of being trampled on, only for the money he earns to be taken from under us. All that money that gets taken away won’t be seen again, while we push and pull and struggle to make ends meet, bills keep piling up. That extra money that goes to taxes? We could have paid off a hospital bill by now, we could have paid a little extra towards the car payments so we could get more affordable insurance on it, but instead that hard earned money is going to the government who is giving it to slackers who refuse to get a job. Lazy yahoos who live off the system. 


America is the one who made the battle for POTUS between a lying sack of poop who cares nothing about women’s rights and a sexist cheeto. So quit your whining. Those who voted for the toupe wearing cheeto voted for change and the promise of lower taxes. Those who voted for the cheeto voted for less government. I am not saying I agree with them, I’m saying it’s your own fault. You’re the ones who screwed up. Now you get to reap what you have sewn. I don’t feel sorry for you either.

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