So Much For Thanks

Thanksgiving hadn’t even begun to end yet when shoppers were crashing into stores looking for things to buy on supposed discounts, to which one may never really know whether or not the items were even discounted to begin with. Especially the places where they had been closed to the public until a certain hour! These “Early Black Friday” sales events have become a plague upon humanity as people trample over eachother, childrens cries echo out as they try to find their parents amidst the foray of stampeding shoppers. These materialistic fools will stomp on any person, without care or regard to another’s well being.


The mobs go so far as to pitch tents and completely ignore the holiday, instead of spending time being thankful for what they have, they toil away plotting for what they’re going to get next. It is positively barbaric! My heart goes out to each and every poor soul who had to work on Thanksgiving for these gluttons to have their fill of holiday spree shopping. The horrors they had to endure so that someone could get a discount washing machine, or a lame macbook. Why is it that we as people are so obsessed with this senseless consumerism that we would allow such a travesty to occur on a holiday bent on being gracious and humble for that of which we already have?


I am disgusted with us as humans. 

8 thoughts on “So Much For Thanks

  1. When I worked at a major retail establishment years ago (Sears) I had to be at work at 4 am to get ready for the stampede on black friday….we opened the doors at 6am to literally thousands of idiots bent on getting those “great discounts”. We had a computer glitch too…bedsets (those five piece ones in a ginormous bag) were marked at 1 cent each….of course we knew that was the wrong price and that we were supposed to “fix it”……..and of course we didn’t. So Sears Lakeline sold out of bedsets in a matter of twenty minutes…. and we all got in trouble. As the manager of the soft lines departments I got into the most trouble..and I didn’t care one single bit. after all they had printed up special “SALE” cards to place on every appliance. tool and television that marked up the prices 85% then “slashed” them by 30%. Ticked us off to see our bosses get so excited over the possibility of extremely high sales………..

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