Back To Basics

When it comes to starting a relationship, either a friendship or a dating relationship, one of the most important keys to that is how you construct it. The building blocks of any relationship is communication, either through texts, phone calls, little notes, or face to face interaction. Communication isn’t just through words though, there is also body language which helps with the construction of forging a relationship with other people. If your body language seems off putting or aggressive, more often than not, people will stay away from you. For people like me, that is a good thing.


A problem I often find though is that I try to reach out to people that I find interest in and would feel comfortable interacting with, at first they reciprocate but then disappear. I’ve had two such people do this to me in recent months, but I’ve had it happen to me almost my entire life. I reach out and extend a friendly hand, only to have one appear to accept but in reality they reject it. It is tiresome trying to make friends, so I have decided I’m done with it. The door to friendship is one I am not fond of, so I decided it is one I am closing. I tire of the endless frustration of trying to be nice when it goes against my very core.


A word to those who read this though, a warning if you will. When someone makes an effort to try reaching out to you, the least you can do is let them know whether you’re even interested in reciprocating their advances for friendship. Don’t toy with them, vengeance is a dish best served cold. I promise, you don’t want to know how cold we silent ones can be.

13 thoughts on “Back To Basics

  1. Thanks for the reminder for some of us just as lonely as the rest. We are made to be in relationship. For some we are sincerely busy with personal obligations and distractions from kids and other immediate relationships. That’s the case for me. And so many walk away because I simply seem to busy. In reality I would love to visit face to face but along with me come taking care of the needs of my kids and sometimes that means meeting at my house or the park. Phone calls and reaching out to others is difficult with all the background noise. But all the same. With relationship come understanding those we care about and taking to have patience. Be blessed.

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    • I can understand the difficulties of children as I have two young ones myself, a 2 year old and a 3 year old. The problem is that I have tried to make play dates with other parents so that I and my girls wouldn’t feel so secluded, bring them and myself out of our shells. Only to be met with either “Sure” then no answer when I knock on the door, children in tow or silence.

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      • Yes, I have been there. Many people are simply stuck in there own stuff. There are many out there as yourself and me included. Don’t give up as there a special people out there just waiting to be approached and blessed by your friendship and return it with a friend for life. Is there interests and hobbies you enjoy that can open doors for new encounters. I have met the best of friends in grocery parking lots and libraries. I have also found that there are different seasons in my life that bring about different faces. Don’t give up and write others off so easily. But I agree, unfortunately, some people are too dysfunctional to be much of a friend when you need them.

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