Mundane and Ordinary

Many people these days protest the treatment of people in jail, prison, etc. I am a firm believer that those who end up in jail should eventually be released. However, those who end up in jail should be there pending further investigation into their crimes. During their stay in jail, should they be found guilty of heinous crimes, then they should pay penance for said crimes.


  1. an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law.
    “shoplifting was a serious crime”
    synonyms: offense, unlawful act, illegal act, felony, misdemeanor, misdeed, wrong;

    “kidnapping is a very serious crime”


I personally believe that crime should be classed under different stages. Any form of crime that has to do with harming another individual, IE Rape, murder, human trafficking, or something that physically damages a person with intent like burglary gone wrong or knowingly running someone down in your car. Those forms of crime should not be allowed any semblance of redemption. Reason being that I believe one’s rights end where another’s begin. Causing physical harm to an individual, against their will, that is against my beliefs. Once you infringe on another human beings rights, you forfeit your own. Those accused of such crimes would have a maximum of 6 month stay in jail in which they would have no privileges, no special dietary food, just a cot to sleep on. Oatmeal, bland with blended in multivitamins, all caged up like animals at a pound stuck in kennels. If it’s good enough for animals seeking a home, why not for those who have caused harm to others?


Those who commit less serious crimes such as theft, drinking and driving, or using illegal substances would be in jail for maximum of 1 year. During their stay, they will have no provisions outside a handful of seeds to grow their own food so that they can teach themselves through trial and error how to provide for themselves. They will be able to teach themselves how to cook, under the understanding that should they act violently their class of crime will be raised to the next level and will lose these privileges. As a bonus, if the public would like to donate items such as books from school to their local jail, these books would be available to the inmates. If those who go through the jail system manage to become reformed, they would then be released. During their jail time they ought to be required to do work around their county to help beautify and tend to public buildings and roads. Of course, at no cost to the property owners, as it is a form of paying penance for their crimes against the county.


Jail and prison are not intended to be happy places where you get a free meal, a cozy place to sleep, with no responsibility. We treat our criminals better than our own populace and charge them nothing. They get an education, a bed, 3 square meals a day. They get phone calls, visitors, they even get cable television! How do you expect them to become rehabilitated if you give them a better life in jail or prison than they get on the outside?! It’s no wonder we have repeat offenders!


Prison should not be a place where those who can be reformed get sent. Prison should be where the hopeless are sent. Prison should be on an island away from the public where you couldn’t get to it without a helicopter. Prison should be a 40 foot tall by 40 foot wide giant metal cage with only two doors. One that leads to a thin corridor, no doorknob on the inside of the door then one in the corridor that leads to the inmates bunks that also has no doorknob on the inside. These creatures who cannot be rehabilitated do not deserve to be free in the streets, those who abuse others with no thought as to the harm they do don’t deserve a second chance. 


Growing up, they used to try instilling fear in children with threats of jail. To try and get them to behave. If jail and prison were truly as fearsome as they would lead us to believe, there wouldn’t be offenders to begin with. There certainly wouldn’t be people with multiple offenses. The idea of people throwing up their arms in protest for the treatment of inmates astounds me. 

2 thoughts on “Mundane and Ordinary

    • I am a firm believer that moderate crimes can be used as a teaching tool, those who commit them deserve a chance at rehabilitation. You just have to make jail less appealing and more about hard work and labor to help the community you hurt than having a free place to crash and free food.

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