Today’s Culture

As much as I love my readers, my followers, and those who dare to take the time to read my drivel, there is one thing I don’t like. Most of today’s culture seek out to find anything and everything that might offend anyone as if it were buried treasure. It’s to the point of absolute insanity. I don’t understand, doubt I ever will, why someone wants to be offended all the time. It isn’t as if being offended by something will get you anywhere. Being offended doesn’t grant you any rights, it doesn’t fix anything. It’s like when a fellow atheist says they’re offended when a preacher knocks on their door offering blessings. Instead of being offended, politely tell them no thank you and close the dang door.


Being offended is about as useful as having fleas. It does you absolutely no good, so why in the world would you want to be?


Earlier today I saw a shirt being blasted for promoting rape culture. The shirt said “Don’t say maybe if you want to say no.” How is that promoting rape culture? Are you really that insecure in your own life that you have to push your problems off onto others? I would own that shirt and I’m a woman! I agree with its sentiment! If you mean no, say freaking no. That simple. The shirt itself had nothing suggesting it had to do with sexual relations with another person!


Wrong message: Forever 21 is being slammed on social media for selling this men's T-shirt with a slogan that many believe 'promotes rape culture' 


This shirt may be targeted at men, but I’d wear it, treasure it every time I did! America needs to grow up and stop being offended over everything!

3 thoughts on “Today’s Culture

    • I know, it’s stupid. Honestly the shirt promotes a proper answer, because maybe is not an answer. Yes is an answer, just as no is an answer. Maybe is not an answer, unless you’re joking with someone that knows you and the way you joke around.


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