Shopping Trivialities

After a week of the kids being sick, husband getting sick for a day or two and me being sick for 4 days, there were some things that direly needed picking up from the store! Especially since I had ordered something that apparently couldn’t be shipped and absolutely had to be picked up in store, even though a different size of the same item was shipped to my home. Absolute insanity to expect both items that are the same item but different sizes to be shipped, right? I mean, the audacity of me expecting something like that. Needless to say, I had tried calling repeatedly to see if I could get my husband to pick up the item I had been waiting on to no avail. No one would pick up, until today.


Taking into consideration that I was sick for the past 4 days prior to today, I may have been a touch more testy over the phone than I intended to. When I finally did get someone from “Site To Store” on the phone, and I’m paraphrasing here, “I have been calling all week, about an item I was supposed to pick up last Saturday but haven’t been able to do so because I’ve been sick. Since I’ve been sick and no one has answered the phone, I haven’t picked it up, because I’m not about to mosey on down there when I can barely crawl out of bed.” “May I have the name on the order?” told her my name and proceeded to wait as she checked to see if my order was still there, which I knew it would be. After she confirmed it was there, I informed her I would be there in 5 to 10 minutes. Also firmly making it clear that I was in no mood to waste my time.


Meanwhile during this whole conversation my kids are dead silent, my husband is looking at me as if I had just beaten someone upside the head. For the duration of the ride I am between fits of spastic laughter and cackling like a mad wicked witch. It suits me though, because I come from a long line of insanity! My kids love me anyways, they even told me so! As I’m in the store, walking with determined purpose, I get to the site to store. Low and behold, not a soul in sight. Irritation sets in. I tap the irritating touch screen that says “Tap here to page for assistance.” Apparently a memo was sent out in the ten minutes between the phone chat and when I got there because seconds later someone appears!


How may I assist you?


Disgruntled grunt as I show the email with the barcode for the order, mumbling about being there to pick up an order. Before bothering to scan the barcode, she calls on the phone for assistance. This person is supposed to be an assitant manager, frustratingly enough! She finally scans the barcode from my email and realizes that, holy cow someone had some forethought and got my order out on the counter already! Who would have thunk it!


After locating some crazy glue for the husband, I meandered over to the children’s section and decided to perk myself up by finding something for my Beanie Girl since I just got done picking up something for the Bug. My eyes immediately spot the perfect thing! My big girl has been crying because she doesn’t have a nightgown. Normally I wouldn’t be bothered but she had outgrown her two Frozen nightgowns, so baby sissy inherited them, leaving her with none.


I call the husband, “So I somehow found myself in the baby department and found the perfect nightie!” 

Oh yea, you magically found yourself across the store from where you were supposed to be. Let me guess, for Marie?

Yup! Amazing, isn’t it? And of course, for Marie! It’s Frozen!

Fine.” I could hear him roll his eyes while hiding a laugh.


Low and behold, my bean has new jammies!! Aren’t they cute?!


Marie Beans Jammies

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