Time of Wonder

These past couple days have been wonderful. I got to have my mom over for Christmas, our house decorated with festive Christmas cheer. It was a nice reprieve from the normal every day non-stop boredom that usually ensues, especially since the husband was also off work! Though my mommies plane landed before 11:30pm, they did not get home before midnight! It was past 12:30am by the time the car pulled up, me pacing back and forth inside the house waiting frantically. The moment he parked the car, he honked and I came running outside into the rain. She had anticipated this, and as such, was shielding her face while chuckling as she expected me to throw the car door open and just attack her with hugs and love. I was patient though! I didn’t want to break her before we even got to wrapping the girls’ gifts!


We embraced for a few minutes, standing in the rain hugging eachother. My silly husband actually thought it bothered us, chiding that we should go inside instead of just standing in the rain like a couple a mooks. Pff, as if! It was a lovely little retreat from the norm though. The first night she was here, she and I cuddled in my bed until I passed out, blissfully unaware of the rest of the world around me. The only thing that caused me to stir was when I somehow sensed my husband walking into the room, taking her place on the bed. It was the first restful sleep I’d had in a few days, to which I was eternally grateful.


Upon awakening, the girls had their baths and cleaned up. We hurried downstairs, as I’d been worried her arrival was nothing more than a beautiful dream. Nope, there she was, asleep on the couch. The girls scampered up into their chairs, Marie and I doing our morning counting routine. After we finished, she did a rendition of the itsy bitsy spider which was met by a delighted Grammy’s standing ovation. Apparently she’d been awake the entire time, just laying there listening to the girls being adorable. Can’t say I blame her, they are incredibly adorable! We laughed, we played, we snuggled and cuddled. Tickle fights were had and kiss monsters attacked. It was … Wonderful.


That night, after the kids had gone to bed, it was high time to wrap the presents! I don’t honestly remember much of what occurred during present wrapping time aside from the fact that I was so tired it was insane. My mom told me all about it the next morning about how apparently the theme of the night had turned into a drunk with a need for sleep “Shut Up”-a-thon. The end results of the wrapping and stocking stuffing was awesome! Wrapped a whole bunch of presents, got the girls special stockings stuffed with toys and snacks, but we finished close to midnight. It was well worth it though!


The best part of it all though was Christmas morning when the girls finished their breakfast of banana pancakes and got to finally open their stuffed stockings!


I’m not sure who had more fun, them or me! Though, my mom sure had fun watching them dig into their stockings as well. We had to wait until after the girls had some quiet time for them to open presents, sadly. Dad man wasn’t awake until they were about ready to crash for a nap. He did however get some footage of the epic gift unwrapping. Not all of it got recorded, but some of it did at least!

2 thoughts on “Time of Wonder

    • I loved every moment you were here. ❤ Oh my goodness were they ever, I especially like how Marie would focus in on one gift meanwhile Celeste is already back under the tree trying to dig out more presents to open haha


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