Be Still, Dear Heart

I took a bit of a break from blogging during the holiday season to enjoy quality time with my family. Today is the day my husband has to return to work. I am disheartened by this fact, it feels as though the Christmas vacation has come and gone so quickly. Granted, I know I had him here for nearly 2 full weeks to myself. I’m greedy, what can I say? I digress, our time of cuddles and endless snuggled is gone and done. He hasn’t even gotten up to go to work and my heart is already breaking.


He always jokes when summer and Christmas vacation arrive, saying I will see so much of him that by the time break is over, I will be begging for him to go back to work. It never happens. Unlike many couples that are together for 5 or so years, I am still madly in love with my husband. I grow fonder and more in love with my husband with each passing day. Even on our worst days, I much rather be with him than away from him. He could yell until his eyes bulged out of his face, I would still rather be with him than any alternative. He wouldn’t do that, nor has he ever done that but it’s the most extreme example I could think of. 


Over the break, I also took a leave of absence from social networking as a whole. I wanted to enjoy and cherrish every moment as much as possible! Now that the break is over, my husband soon to be gone away at work again, I can’t help but feel a sense of dread. It happens every time, but I can’t seem to help myself. The only solace I have is that eventually he will be on day shift again, giving me my husband at night once more. I await his return with baited breath.

9 thoughts on “Be Still, Dear Heart

  1. I wonder if you truly know just how lucky you are? I have a feeling you do. After five years and a couple of kids the vast majority of women I have known were sick to death of both kids and hubby. (yes, I include myself in that categorization) The day to day trials tend to wear us down…with you it seems they never stand in the way of what is really important, and that is the love of family that lives so very strong in your soul. You are so beautiful.

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    • Thank you, Suze. I guess part of why I try not to let it drag me down is because of both my mom and my guidance counselor from high school. Sure I still get super stressed out, but I try very hard to not let it ruin my day. My family means everything to me, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. ❤


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