Down Trodden

As some may have noticed, though likely none have been aware, I’ve been missing from the blogging community a bit as of late. This has been due to a number of factors, but the primary reason is that I can’t seem to stop my thoughts from going and disappearing on me. Usually when I get an idea, it flows from my fingertips like a gushing river. Lately, they float lazily around then seem to disappear in a puff of smoke, leaving me dazed and confused as to what I’d just been doing. I’ve even had such experiences when talking to my mom on the phone, which is getting more and more common.


I think the reason is because my husbands father in law had a stroke recently. Or maybe it was a heart attack… Either way, a couple weeks back, he had had an incident. He apparently fell several times on top of it, one of or all of them ended up breaking or severing some of his bones in his neck. When I first found out he had been through trauma, I was furious. He had apparently gone through the incident on a Monday or Tuesday and hadn’t been taken in to be seen until the following Friday. My outrage knew no bounds. Thankfully, I don’t live near the people responsible. After speaking with my husbands Uncle, I came to find he had bruising all down one side of his body from the number of times he had gotten hurt.


Today I found out that they are doing surgery, tonight. I can’t be there with him to hold his hand in support, though from what I hear he might not even recognize me. My heart breaks for him. The reason I am writing this is because I cannot get it off my mind, it is weighing heavily on my soul today. I am asking you, my friends, blogging community, anyone out there who might see this in their email, news feed, or Facebook/G+ feed, please send positive vibes, send hopeful thoughts, pray if that is what you do. Please keep my grandfather in your thoughts, he already lost his wife and a daughter recently. 

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