Cruel World

Today, I made myself woeful. Today, I did something I haven’t done in a long time. The world crashed around me when I drained the last of the coffee from my cup this afternoon. I dug around the cabinets and the fridge in desperation, seeking but not finding what I so desperately needed. With saddened eyes and a shattered heart, I knew it had finally happened. The world was soon to end as it became clear. I slumped on the couch, feeling dejected and remorseful. We truly live in a cruel world.

I ran out of coffee creamer.

Come tomorrow morning the world will of burst into flames and no one else will be left alive. Villages will have been plundered and live stock stolen and sacrificed. All that was has ended, the world will weep for my loss. It will be a very scary time when I awaken tomorrow morning.

2 thoughts on “Cruel World

    • Haha he did xD my hubby is amazing. I told him about my desperate need and he was all, “Well damn.” got home and told me before he passed out while I was still asleep, “I got you 4 bottles of creamer.” I slept so peacefully after that, I didn’t wake up until 7:30am haha


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