Wonders A Plenty

I am somewhat of a nerd, being that I enjoy playing video games in my spare time, when I find I actually have some at least. The best games, in my personal opinion, are the ones that have a specific “best”, giving me something to strive towards. Obviously the best games always change, making the best gear and best stats forever changing, but that is what keeps a game interesting. The minor alterations, the quest for newer and better gear. If the game never changed, would it be any fun? For example, my husband and I play a game called Tera. We both have oodles of fun with it. We took an extended break from it a while back, after we’d gotten most of our characters in game into the, at that time, best gear there was for us. 

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Our Original Characters : Female Amani Lancer (Left) Male Elven Mystic (Right)

When my husband was on vacation, after my mom had gone back home, we picked it up again. To our amazement, the game had changed quite a bit in the months we hadn’t played! Our “top end gear” was no longer the best, in fact there had been two sets of gear implemented since we’d last played! There’s even new better PvP craftable gear to be made, which sparked my interest. Since our return, we’ve been playing mostly our reapers because they’re DPS (damage per second) class types, which makes learning new dungeons a little easier. Eventually he and I will gear up our other characters while still farming for the necessary ingredients needed to craft the PvP specific gear, but for now we’re indulging our murderous sides with our ultimate damage dealers.

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Stopping During A Dungeon Run For A Photo Op


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We Wanted To Match ❤ Don’t We Look Cute Together?

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