Growing Nostalgia

All week this week my girls and I have been watching Disney movie after Disney movie. What brought on this dire need for nostalgia? The rampaging flood of Disney posts from my dear friend Suze. Her words mixed with photos and videos made my heart yearn for my old childhood cartoon movies. All week I have been spending the day snuggling with my girls, reminiscing as we watch the movies I grew up watching. To my wonder and amazement, my kids like original movies like Snow White and the seven dwarfs, the original Sleeping Beauty, and so many others!


I honestly didn’t expect at first that they would enjoy them. Surely enough though, as we were watching Beauty and the Beast, my girls fell in love with Bell and her boundless kindness. Though when Gaston would come on the screen, my girls would scream for him to go away! My heart is filled with joy and nostalgia as we cuddle together on the couch, snuggled close with love in our hearts and Disney Movie Magic happening before our eyes.



7 thoughts on “Growing Nostalgia

  1. I know what you are feeling. As I have been working on this month long challenge I have had to watch movies I had never seen, and watch again those movies that I loved as a child. so many memories are coming back to me through the videos..and writing about them has been at times cathartic. The older classics are stories that kids love. There is a good guy a bad guy and a pretty girl in almost every one. The girls will start to see their daddy as the good guy in a film or two. and they will start to see you in the heroines. Enjoy the time spent with them and dream along with them. ❀

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