Absolutely Done

For the weeks preceding the presidential inauguration, many jokes and images were shared at the soon to be POTUS expense. Disparaging blogs and pages were made about the imminent doom that we Americans were due to face as punishment for their exercise of a given right. The right to vote. People have endlessly bashed and trashed any and all who dare vote for the giant cheeto that is now our President. I joined in the chorus of voices laughing gaily at the jokes, after all, they were funny!


What I cannot stand idly by and watch though is the never ending plague of Hillary worshipers who hate Trump so much without letting him prove himself that they must protest as if it were a major human rights violation. If you want to protest something, protest the amount of “refugees” that are given free housing meanwhile we have children and veterans who are living on the streets. Protest the money freely given away to corporations to bail them out while we have starving children in our own nation. Protest the inhumane way that our own citizens are treated meanwhile outsiders are given every cut of slack available in our nation. Protest the fact that it is diversity that is the cause of our very own misery.


Yes, it is true. Diversity, once seen as so wonderful and amazing, only benevolent countries would dare offer it. Yet if you take a look at these countries now, they have in essence been wiped out. Only countries that were primarily white offered solace behind their borders, having been told by the masses that our lack of diversity were a sign of racism. Due to this swarm of diversity we no longer have our own culture. Have you even noticed the decimation of the American morals, morale, and tradition? Of course not, be it due to oversight or sheer deliberate and willful ignorance, most have been too dense to see it.


We, a once proud and powerful nation, are a shambles of what once we were. So criticize all you want, hate me if you wish, but you haven’t even given our new POTUS a chance. It isn’t like Obama was that great, he basically robbed our wallets to fund giving free housing and food to refugees. He brought in swarms of people who ended up bombing a gay bar, have clogged the streets of New York until traffic literally couldn’t move, raped children in our own neighborhoods and yet we the people have done nothing to defend our own.


I am positively done with all these people who praise Hillary and claim she stands for women and their rights when she has remained married to a piece of trash who got caught being a philandering unfaithful pig, threatened her husband’s sexual conquests, promotes late term abortions which are rarely if ever medically necessary, advocates in the position of rapists meanwhile calling into question the victims mental well being which in turn is victim blaming! You blindly followed her because she is a WOMAN who espoused being for that of which she clearly hates. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves for not properly doing your research. 


You all set up protests the day he was inaugurated to show how against him you are, how he isn’t your President and that you refuse to see him as such. Great job being childish infants. Protesting should be reserved for human rights violations! What is wrong with you people?! He hasn’t even had a chance yet millions have collaborated in standing against our POTUS, truly creating a divide in our once great nation. You want to know who will be the fault of our nation if it should truly crumble? Its you, America. It is you who stand so shamelessly away from your fellow Americans. You who have drawn the line in the sand, creating the larges divide known to man kind. It was divides like this that resulted in the different locations of Egypt. Had they stood together as a proud people, uniting together instead of standing divided, they may very well have lasted longer. America, you need to grow up and stop acting so confounded childishly! I am so ashamed of you.

10 thoughts on “Absolutely Done

  1. Wow! Thats very strongly written. But I can feel you. I’m not even in the US and yes the jokes were funny at first; but now I think people are just being unfairly grudgy. They should give him a chance. Maybe he’ll turn out to be better after all. The same thing had happened in India during the last elections – but we seem to be doing pretty well now. Hopefully, the same will happen there as well. Fingers crossed!

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