Lacking Automatic Filter

When it comes to speaking or writing, I tend to do it automatically, the words flowing effortlessly, the only filter I am capable is keeping my swearing to a minimum. It’s sort of how I do my cooking, I simply add things that sound like they fit together. I look at something and it just clicks, somehow turning something from a perhaps meh dinner plan into something much more exquisite. Be it talking, writing, or cooking, it seems everything is automatic. The synapses firing in my mind like a wild and untamed lightning storm.


There is however one person with whom I do filter myself, it isn’t necessarily because I feel it is needed but because I respect them with every fiber of my being. That person would be my mother. There are certain things I don’t say, or words, because I know that there are things that my dearest mom would rather not hear. It’s strangely automatic, filtering myself in conversation with my mom. Though it’s never anything of pressing importance that I stifle myself, but adjectives that she finds unpleasant. It’s amazing what a person can accomplish with an extensive vocabulary though, as for some reason we have many words that mean the same thing!


It is because of my lack of filter that I am a completely open book though, it has helped to weed out people who I would have otherwise kept in my company without ever realizing that they’re nothing like what I seek in a friendship. Though there are very few things I refuse to share, I will not divulge my recipes I get from my mom. Nope. Those are for me, a wonderful bounty given to me by my mom that I love too much to share with the rest of the world. 

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