Trouble In Paradise

Both my children are obsessed with the prospect of potty training. While I am absolutely thrilled with this concept, my youngest child seems to be unable to resist the urge to be nude 24/7 now. The majority of my day is spent chasing two sets of butt cheeks, cute though they may be, through my entire home. Regardless how adorable these cheeks may be though, it is not fun when they have accidents on my floor, in their highchairs, or on my couch. That is when mommy turns from happy go lucky fun lady to the unbridled fury from hell.


Why just the other night, I had snuck into the kids room to check on how they were doing. They sounded quiet so I wanted to be sure they were sleeping and not destroying what is left of their room. Low and behold, to my amazement, my youngest had slipped off her big girl diaper cover, undone her diaper itself, and was laid out on her bed with pee all over her. The temptation to lose my temper was overwhelming as I stood there for a moment. My heart was broken, as she was wearing a brand new nightgown I’d just gotten for her.


To my amazement, she was still asleep, in a puddle of pee on her bed. I immediately set about trying to get the bedding off, laying it off to the side. Sorting through it all, I was pleased to find that she hadn’t managed to soak everything, just the bed sheet covering the bed and herself. While unclothing her and setting about getting her and her mattress clean, she finally begun to stir. This actually was a blessing in disguise as it made getting a fresh nightgown on easier. After I managed to get her and her bed redressed, I cradled her in my arms for a while until she fell back asleep, nestled in my arms.


There is nothing as beautiful as watching your child fall peacefully asleep in your arms, but I sincerely hope the next time it happens it isn’t because she woke up from me trying to clean her up after she’d peed the bed.

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