Wounds A Plenty

Last night, I had an incident. Not your normal kind of incident but a greatly painful incident. Anyone for blocks around would have thought I had just heard the funniest joke in the world! Despite having hurt myself by being a dodo brain, my entire neighborhood heard me laughing hysterically. I probably laughed for close to half an hour while tending to my wound caused from my own stupidity. I was genuinely surprised when I first heard me laughing as I stood there bleeding all over the kitchen sink, but I couldn’t control it no matter how I tried! Thankfully my lovingly doting husband was home because he was sick and could help me take care of myself. In order to understand how I hurt myself, I have to back track to why I was doing what I was that resulted in my eronious faux pas.


A few nights past, my husband and I were having some quality time together. With him working so many hours and 6 days a week, we hadn’t had much time to spend with one another. Sadly our adult fun was cut short when an accident occurred in which I hurt my husband. My hand slipped and it resulted in blood, my nail cutting skin like a hot knife through room temperature butter. This was then promptly followed up with bandages and all my fingernails getting clipped to nubs. I was mortified.


Now fast forward to last night. My husband had come down with something, aching from head to toe. Due to this unfortunate stroke of bad health, he stayed home from work. After the kids had gone to bed, he decided he wanted to eat some oranges because he wasn’t feeling well enough to go to the store to pick up orange juice. Since I had clipped my nails, I couldn’t get a good starting tear in the orange rind to free the delicious fruit. My husband also doesn’t have nails but he never does, so we were using a knife to make starting cuts before peeling the skin off.


That was when karma struck with a vengeance. The night took a sudden horrific stroke of bad luck as the knife I was using sliced into my finger as I was making starting cuts. What I hadn’t realised prior to cutting was that the knife was a steak knife. Not just any old steak knife, not one I use for random stuff such as cutting miscellaneous foods and or ties. It was one of the knifes from the set my mom had gotten for me. Let me tell you, those knives are super sharp and I have the gaping cut in my finger to prove it! The blood was literally just pouring from the wound, meanwhile I was laughing like a loon as my husband rushed off to get bandaids and triple antibiotic ointment.


If I haven’t said it enough, which I doubt I ever truly could, I am truly and positively blessed to have my husband. Not only did he help take care of me and get me bandaged up, he even did the dishes for me and cuddled with me until I fell asleep. He stayed with me the whole night, keeping me company even after I had passed out beside him. 


As today progressed, my girls didn’t understand that mommy had a bad booboo and couldn’t rough house around with them. Due to this problem, I have had to rewrap my finger about 4 times today. The latest and most heart breaking moment was when my youngest, Celeste, was playing around with me and accidentally knocked her fist into my finger which caused it to reopen and bleed all over the place. It bled so badly that she actually thought she had a booboo too because blood had gotten on her hand.


Thankfully as I write this I am laying snuggly in my bed watching Netflix and blitzed out of my mind. My wound has stopped bleeding again, my babies are asleep, and my beloved husband is out there working his poor tuckas off.

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