I am starting my very own project in an attempt to bring uplifting and positive vibes back into the world. For too long we have been dwelling on the negative, so much vitrol being spewed from one another in so many directions that I am honestly beginning to question where it is all stemming from. Due to my desire to put joy at the forefront of our minds, I started my own hashtag. For those who have been following me for some time, you’ll be well aware of my attempts to spread love and joy, compassion and gratefulness, and over all a sensation of well being randomly throughout the year.


I would like everyone to try for the next couple weeks to make a photo image once a week with the hashtag #LoveIsOutThere 


I have made two examples of my own already! Now this isn’t necessarily a challenge, just something I thought would be fun and uplifting. Be creative and come up with your own format if you like!

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