Valentine’s Day Meme-A-Thon

In standard Valentine’s Day fashion, my meme expectation was a bit higher than what I truly received. You see, for the past 5 years now I have watched the world be flooded with little messages of love, snippets of what could be poetry used to surmise what others think love is, sonnets and poems dedicated to the holiday spirit of love. Prior to having met my husband, I found it to be rather droll to be honest.


So imagine my surprise when even after February 1st my news feed was still alive with hatred, politics, bitterness, and offended angry people. Isn’t February the month with Valentine’s Day in It? The holiday usually symbolised with hearts, sappy love songs, and way too much chocolate? Date nights and movies, passion and romance? Apparently the holidays are taking a vacation themselves as everyone becomes so wrapped up in politics that they can’t see past their own gosh darn nose. Are people really do self absorbed that they can’t take a couple days off from being a bunch of humbugs and spread a little love into a world so filled with animosity?


I took it upon myself to make some love memes, my muse being my beloved husband and my mom as they are two of the most loved people in my life. What people so rarely remember is that love isn’t about what you get from them, it is about what you give to and for them. Whatever you receive is up to them and at their own discression. All relationships, be they family or friend, a loved one or secret crush, the love you get can only be as great as the love you give.


For this project of mine, I used a hashtag I never have seen before to symbolise the birth of a new wave.




Don’t you forget it. I hope you enjoy my Five Days of Love.



Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5

All images were personally made with the assistance of a chat application called Line Chat. Any and all sentiment were written by me. If you’d like to share them via social media, I have also shared them on my blog Facebook Page as well as Twitter Account.

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