Around The WORLDPress Amazing Race : Team Donkey



Dear Suze sent me Jack, the Donkey. I should have known when I opened the envelope that trouble would ensue! It seems Jack has his own theme song, which played as soon as he came bounding from his confinement. We all could hear the song, “Bad To The Bone” playing when we came downstairs from nap time. Even though he arrived 20 days ago, he only just left my home today. He had to pay his dues, after all. Oh, I should probably explain what happened first, shouldn’t I?




Jack took over the kingdom! He stole Prince Hector’s thrown while the girls were taking a nap, though how they slept through the sound of his braying is beyond me. Marie and Celeste awoke to seeing this dastardly devil of a donkey being served by the palace servants! Marie however would have none of it. She marched right up to the castle and rescued Prince Hector from the dungeon and helped him overthrow Jack.



Just when Jack was near death, Prince Hector told Marie to show mercy and let him live. Being the good girl she is, Marie showed Jack mercy as she was asked. She went and played with Prince Hector and Princess Robin by the swings when Celeste decided that an injustice had occurred.



We caught Celeste in the act as she sat right in the middle of the kingdom. Meanwhile Marie, Prince Hector and Princess Robin were mortified to find that she was in cohorts with the devious donkey. As Celeste helped Jack overthrow the kingdom, all we could do was watch as all the land were forced to praise the squat King Jack.


It took Prince Hector, Marie, and Mighty Mom to overthrow Jack once and for all. Ever since then, Jack has been serving out his time in toy jail, until he was finally released on good behavior and with the promise to never return! He is now in his way back to Oklahoma, to my dear friend Angie. Best of luck dear, he was singing, “Animal I Have Become” all the way to the post office!



7 thoughts on “Around The WORLDPress Amazing Race : Team Donkey

  1. OMG! This is priceless! I just KNEW Jack would cause problems, but I never once thought he’d go for the castle! Poor Angie…she’s going to be so surprised to find out just how dastardly Jack can be. I hope she has Garry’s baseball bat handy when he finally arrives. nothing short of a good swift smack is going to control that little jackass!

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