Here We Go Again

Every day my news is filled with hate, propaganda, and other such silly nonsense that seems pointless to me. People are angry about Trump being President, others are angry Clinton isn’t President. It is like a giant whiny cry baby got meanwhile those championing for Trump to keep strong are spilling messages of hate filled with insults. To translate : I am fed up with politics.


I am fed up with not just politics but the mobs of people associated with politics. I am beyond fed up with those who are so close minded that they cannot find truth on their own. More over, I am fed up with people brandishing hatred instead of trying to diplomatically resolve our differences.


These supposed political activists are trying to take money away from corporations that are doing nothing other than earn an honest living by doing what we in the real world call “Doing their job.” Take for instance the spreading of 3 days no buying anything from Amazon. What about the thousands of hard working families that depend on people making purchases from Amazon? All the warehouse workers who package, wrap up, and ship those parcels could very well of voted 3rd party. Yet people want to punish them for not being Democrat. 


Wake up call people : This is America, we are supposed to be free to vote for who we want as an individual not as a massive angry mob waving pitch forks and torches. Stop being so bloody barbaric.


On the topic of being barbaric, people have been floating around the claim that everyone needs to stop being so racist in calling all Muslims “ISIS”, and making the allegation that “if we could tell the difference between KKK members and Christians we should be able to tell the difference between Muslims and ISIS”. That is not factually accurate. ISIS is actually comprised of extremist Muslims who to the best of my knowledge follow a bastardized Qu’ran. Firstly, Muslims and ISIS members are apart of a religion, not explicitly race. There are Muslims as well as ISIS members of many races and cultures. This claim of “Islamaphobia” is honestly hilarious.


Trying to claim that KKK is like ISIS is laughable as well, considering KKK wanted to “gentrify” their area not all the world. Where as ISIS wants to eliminate anyone and everyone who doesn’t believe in and follow Allah. 


Now I’m not saying all Muslims are bad, my husband and I have come across our fair share of decent well mannered and civil Muslims. The problem is that until you get to know them, how would you ever know?  If you brandish and label, threaten and dismiss, how will you ever find those who are willing to share their heart with our nation versus those who would rather make it crumble? We cannot know this without properly getting to know them, asking for them to be vetted is in the best interest of our nation so that we can make sure that we are not letting the enemy into our borders. We have enough of the enemy here as it is. 


I hope that you come to your senses though, America. It isn’t the color of ones skin that denotes ones religious affiliation. Stop misusing the word racism please.

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