Just Too Much

As parents, we have moments that take our breath away and moments that make us so proud we nearly cry. Then there are those mind blowing moments that literally make you take a moment and stop, soaking in the dawning realization that your kids aren’t babies anymore. Today I had a couple of those moments and I decided I wanted to share this epic day with all of the world so that I could permanently forever remember it, while possibly giving everyone a great big smile and whooping good laugh! I promise I’ll do my best to remember every juicy detail of the day so you can get the full effect of what transpired.


To start off with, wonderful news on the potty training front! The girls have been doing so well that they only use one or two diapers / pull ups a day. That is including for nap time and bedtime. Sounds pretty freaking awesome, right? I’ve even got them wearing big girl panties! This is a major deal, considering only a month ago Celeste was still trying to figure out how her little bladder worked and how to time just right when she has to poop, instead of waiting until after she started pooping to let me know she had to go. Not any more though ladies and gentlemen, she is full on hard core potty training with the best of them and she isn’t even 3 years old yet!

To start off our day of awesome epicness, we had blueberry pancakes for breakfast with some strawberry limeade. Strange combination but it was what the girls wanted, being as they’d been good about getting up and coming downstairs, who was I to argue? Shortly afterwards, Marie had informed me that she direly needed to go potty. She was stills trapped in her high chair though! I rushed to her aid, whisking her away to the potty and sitting her down just in time. Suddenly there was a loud wet juicy sounding plop sound in the toilet as a big gooey poop flopped into the toilet. Glory me oh my, my eldest made a big slimy poop! Without being coerced! My joy knew no bounds as I jumped up and danced around, momentarily forgetting all about having to clean out the potty as well has her bottom.


As time progressed, the girls showed greatness with potty training, using it often and without mistakes. Only one mishap happened and it was because Celeste had to pee while Marie was going pee and couldn’t hold it. I don’t know if she has learned quite how holding ones pee works just yet. Nonetheless it wasn’t that big of a mess, nor that big of a deal. We got it cleaned up and squared away and she was happy as a clam from then on.

Come time for them to get up for nap time, Daddy had decided we were all going out for a quick lunch with him before he had to set off into the land of perpetual overtime and car building with many welding burns. It was up to me to pick our place of fine dining, though I was not allowed to pick Burger King which kind of destroyed my soul as I was craving dead cow thanks to my friend Caid talking about feeding baby cows. Our destination was made though regardless of my dismay, so off we headed to Taco Bell. 


When we pulled into the parking lot, Marie immediately started saying she needed to go potty, and urgently! I scrambled to unbuckle myself, lunging from the car as I opened the door and quickly unfastened the sweet little child so that we could then rush inside with a sense of urgency to the restroom. Sure enough she did have a need for the restroom, but not one that required a toilet! My poor Marie let rip a nasty sounding fart right there in the bathroom, which then led to her falling into a lapse of giggles and snorting, quickly followed by an excited, “I farted!” Isn’t she just hilarious? 

As we made our way back into the Taco Bell dining area, we saw that Dad man had picked a table off in the corner with a large window looking out at some trees that were finally growing some foliage. Just as we sat down, Celeste piped up, “I got to potty.” My first thought was that she just wanted to go because Marie had, but I humored her anyways. We waited until Daddy returned with drinks, then I unhooked Celeste from the booster and we went off to the restroom once more. 


Not even half a minute after getting her diaper off and setting her to squat on the potty, the resounding *Plop* *Plop* *Plop* sound filled the air, the water splashing as poop then Celeste giggling as the water splashed up and hit her square on the bum. This most definitely exceeded my expectation of our bathroom visit! She immediately perked up and beamed at me as she squealed with delight, “I went poo poo!” My sweet innocent diaper baby had made her first public restroom visit and it wasn’t just to pee, it was to do an epic wallop of a poop. We wiped her little tuckas and as we finished, she turned and pointed into the potty, jumping up and down with joy as she yelled, “That my poop!”

My goodness am I one proud mommy. My girls are getting so big, they are progressing so well. I cannot imagine where the time went though. It’s as if just yesterday she was just born, stuck in the NICU with tubes coming out of her. Due to this nostalgia, I have created some videos with my sweet babies and I want to share them with you! I hope they bring you as much joy as making them gave me.



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