Hello Sunshine!

Today has been a day like no other. It has been magnificently filled with sunshine all day, minimal clouds and a soft gentle breeze to make ones woes go away. It’s a shame that such beautiful days pass like a blur, almost like watching Wile E Coyote trying to capture the roadrunner, who disappears in a sudden flash. The only thing you remember is a faint blur being there once Wile shows up to capture the speedy creature. It is days like today that I wish I could make pause, much as one pauses a good movie when they suddenly find the urge to use the facilities or one of those must have popcorn moments.

It truly has been a uniquely gorgeous day, the sun glinting down upon our little home as the girls played outside. We actually spent a majority of today outside, which has been rare due to all the down cast weather and cold spots mixed with rain. Sadly as with all things that shimmer and glitter, the day is coming to a close. The girls have had so much fun playing and going for walks today that they seem to have worn themselves out. Why, as I’m writing this they’re literally finishing off the last of their dinner and getting ready to get their teeth brushed. They’re anxious to get ready for bed and get their pajamas on so that we can have night time stories.

On a stroke of luck though, I did manage to get some cute footage of the girls and some adorable photos of them during their fun outdoor time! So I thought I’d share with you a glimpse of what our day has been like.

To commemorate today being the first nice day of the year, I even got them brand new outfits. Surprisingly enough, even though a good bit of our day was spent outside, they still did superbly with their potty training!


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