Shay Slop

So tonight I got a hair up my tuckas and decided to take an old recipe and turn it into something entirely different. I don’t really have measurements but I have approximations! The idea came to me as I was laying in bed two nights ago and the idea came at me like a jet plane going over head. I thought to myself, I want dinner fast. Thanks to Suze I now have a saying for myself and my cooking – Looking for a fast easy dinner? Quicken with Shay!


You will need

Approximately 2 cups rice

2 cans cream mushroom soup

Fresh broccoli (1 1/2 heads was sufficient)

Water (I used 1 empty cream of mushroom soup can)


White pepper

Italian seasoning

5 chicken breasts

About 2 cups melted butter (don’t actually heat it, let it soften for a few hours)

Regular chicken seasoning

Rotisserie chicken seasoning

1 sleeve of wheat saltines

Worcestershire sauce (3 table spoons worth works)


The first thing I did was take the rice, put it into a large long deep glass cooking dish, added in the cream of mushroom soup cans then used one empty can to moisten the mixture. You can adjust accordingly to your particular desires. After mixing the water, rice, and soup, I grabbed out 2 heads of broccoli and began sheering away the tops and dusting them into the mixture while throwing the stalks away. After I had cut up approximately 1 1/2 things of broccoli, I figured that was plenty! So I added in the paprika (heavy doses, it’s a very light flavor and I wanted it Smokey), white pepper and Italian seasoning and mixed it into the rice.


Now comes the fun part! Splay the chicken out so that the smooth flat side is against the rice and broccoli mix. Either in a bowl or the butter tub itself, add in some more paprika, the chicken seasoning, the chicken rotisserie seasoning, Worcestershire sauce then mix until it becomes like a thick ketchup-ish substance. Take a sleeve of wheat saltines, put them in a baggie and mash them into bits then mix it into the butter ketchup like substance. Once the crackers are mixed in, smooth it over top the splayed out chicken! All your food prep is done and should take no more than 20 minutes.


Now throw that bad boy in the oven for approximately 45-60 minutes and viola! Shay Slop is done! This meal comes with the approval of Shay, Suze, Poor George, Gunnar, Dasher, and Pyewacket. Bon appetite!

3 thoughts on “Shay Slop

  1. I guess it is time to let you know…even though I wasn’t going to say a word, George made me write a comment telling you that he LOVES this stuff, and I now have to fix it at least once a week. He’d eat it more often if I made it, but seriously I like to mix things up! I may want chinese food one day and italian the next, but George wants stuff on certain days…like this every fricking Friday! It is beyond annoying he likes Shay Slop better than anything else I cook. dang you woman! lol

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