It has been brought to my attention that people are parading about, acting as some sort of champion for awareness of diseases and or disorders. Supposedly this months targeted agenda is Autism, Asperges which is a form of autism, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder often simplified as ADHD. The problem with the categorical “Autism, Asperges, and ADHD awareness month” is that Asperges is literally a high functioning form of autism. It is often confused with ADHD especially in young children. Many forms of high functioning autism get confused with ADHD due to the behavioral mental health. Early stages of recognizable autism seem much akin to ADHD because the brain isn’t entirely matured enough to develop a full sense of self being so they come off as “sufferers of ADHD”, and are thus prescribed medication to fit that diagnosis.


How do I know this to be fact? I have been both witness and victim of a state designed ADHD diagnosis. The medication that is prescribed for the diagnosis? Pharmacy engineered speed. Yes, you read that correctly. Speed. A commonly known addictive drug is being prescribed for your “mentally addled” child. This series of wrong diagnosis for children with forms of autism and the supposed correct diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder should never be given speed. Not every problem can be resolved with a little medication. As a victim of state prescribed speed, I can tell you from first hand experience, it is an experience no child should be forced to endure.


My parents fought the system to get me away from the drugs, but little to their knowledge I had already started self medicating thanks to my elder sister who introduced me to cigarettes. My parents weren’t the wiser until it was far too late to do anything about my addiction that had replaced my state prescribed drugs. Being diagnosed was my gateway to other addictive substances, but thankfully for my mother, I had opinions formed of streetdrugs and kept to addictions that were more easily obtained. Coffee, caffeine, cigarettes. Things that seemed innocuous and easily obtainable. I don’t know whether I would have started this line of addictive behaviors had I not been prescribed speed by the state, but one thing is for certain. It didn’t help.


My worst memory, I still feel this sometimes as a long term side effect, is sitting in my room constantly reorganizing things. Anything. Pennies from dullness of color and shine to year they were manufactured. Crayons alphabetically from how pointy they were to how dulled the tips were. I functioned as a machine without free thought of my own. Often times I had a sensation that I were just a visitor of my own existence. I was literally trapped in my own mind and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Until the fated day my sister introduced me to cigarettes.


Granted not all experiences are the same, sometimes kids genuinely do benefit from the addictive substance. It doesn’t stop the fact that it is an addictive substance. To this day, I still don’t know how I avoided the ill fated destination of an addiction councilors room for addiction to my state prescribed baby sitter. I am merely grateful for it.


Instead of spreading awareness of mental health issues that get prescribed drugs that are harmful, why not champion yourself toward the cause of finding better ways of handling these problems. Help a child to become a better human being by not writing them a life long prescription that will land them in an addiction councilors office. Save the future.

6 thoughts on “Awareness

  1. thoughtful, well-organized post about a problem I saw every single day for over 15 years. Addictions in youth seemed to start out with prescription drugs. I sponsored a survey in my former county to see where teens first started down their roads to addictions..and the vast majority (92%) were prescribed methamphetamines for ADHD as children. That number, quite frankly, horrified me and I started an educational program for doctors in the area warning them of the long term problems associated with medications in childhood. Some were grateful for the knowledge and I think changed their focus to other alternatives to drugs. Most, unfortunately, thought they knew it all and discounted the information. Keep on pushing for alternatives.

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    • I always will. I cannot condone the prescribing of drugs to children, no matter how much it may appear to help at first. It leads to a much troubled future, both in addiction and in criminal activity. Addiction and criminal activity tend to go hand in hand if not handled properly.


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