Adorable Morning

So it was decided this morning before lunch arrived that we would have to go for a walk. In the process of getting ready for our walk, I asked the girls what color theme they wanted for their outfits. I should not have been surprised when they screamed together, “Pink!” They certainly looked adorable, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from this morning’s adventures!



There is actually an adorable little side thing that happened this morning as I was making pancakes for breakfast.


Celeste woke up but Marie didn’t and so I brought Celeste down to sit with me while I make breakfast. As I get the batter made for pancakes, Celeste suddenly cries out, “Its time to get sissy.” She marched up the stairs with adorable purpose, runs into her room and starts screaming at Marie “Its time get up! Wake up! Pancakes!” then runs back into the hall, waiting for me to appear at the bottom of the steps.She then yelled with impatience down to me “Mommy sissy no get up!” sounding all too disappointed and adorable. So I went to the foot of the stairs and she just kept going back and forth running into the room yelling for Marie to wake up. At one point, she got tired of yelling about pancakes, as apparently it’d become too many words to say so early in the morning. She started to just yell SISSY for the next three minutes, which finally worked. First thing Marie said when she got downstairs, “I found me! I found me down stairs.
After that adorable interaction and lunch was underway, we prepared for our trek to the store for some powdered drink mixes and kiddo snacks!
I figure we could all use a break from the drab and dreary, the fear and terror that is striking the hearts and insurance wallets of many around the nation. It may only be a short brief distraction, but it’s jam packed with cuteness to make it worthwhile!

7 thoughts on “Adorable Morning

  1. That reminds me of the time my two ( very very young) were playing footsie in their high chairs and I can still hear their adorable giggling. They would sleep with an arm fling over the other. Twins have the most incredible bond that even I don’t fully comprehend. My boys are 19 now and still best mates 😃🐻

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