On The Edge

As of late, I’ve felt as though I stood on a precipice, of the metaphorical sort of course. You see, I’ve had a decision which has needed to be made for some time. The options are boorish and mundane, but the result will be my ultimate delight. I need to set myself as a role model for my children, in doing such I need to also show them the example of how one conducts themselves.


I’ve mentioned in the past how I’ve no filter, I fly by the wind and let my tongue do all the leg work while my brain focuses on more important and vital problems. That is where my issue lays. I need my children to learn where and when it is appropriate to blithely run on the blunt path and when to lithely travel the soft spoken course that will eventually lead to their success. While I find the task to be outlandishly drawl, I’ve also realized that it is vital to their ability to succeed in life. Be it getting into college and holding their tongue during their interview about their obese and potential heart-attack prone administrator, or their flippant boss who may or may not hold double and or triple standards about who ranked where can do what around the office.


I’ve lived a carefree life in which I’ve been able to be authentically myself wherever I may go. I openly express disgust and often am quick to correct someone I find to be wrong. As my children are growing though, they are becoming more perceptive of how I act towards, to, and in general around other people. It has been expressed that how I act publicly may not be the best example for my girls. I have taken much time to deliberate and discuss this with myself. The final conclusion? They just might be right.


So I’ve decided from today forward, any being who wishes to not know my disgust with them had best steer clear of my home. Should I meet you on my doorstep, you will be spared. My home is my castle, it is my domain and any who enter it are under my law. You will be treated accordingly. I will do my best to be civil outside the walls of my abode, but if I find you to be outlandish, if you are found incompetent, spared you will not be. It is my job, my duty, and most importantly, my privilege to teach my girls right from wrong. I must be the role model they need and deserve. In order to do this, I must be the best I can in all aspects. Even if that means softening the blow when dealing with individuals I find less than desirous.


A word to parents everywhere : Teach your children when to stand up for themselves, when to strike back. Teach them when to hold back, to pull their punches and soften the blow. Lead by example, because we should be their role models. Not television, not “music artists”, not comic characters. You, their parents.

2 thoughts on “On The Edge

  1. I know. I’ve always seen my mother stand up to people and even authority and she was smart enough to knew when to keep quiet. I think this is why, even though I have low self esteem, a part of me feels invincible and more capable of growth

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    • I find, often, that the best role model for any child is a strong vigilant mother and a compassionate father within the confines of the home front. Often though, this is not the case. I’m working on the whole “when to keep quiet” part, never really been good with holding back!


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