Off The Reservation

I’m not quite sure why I ever expect the world to suddenly wise up and realise the things that I’ve already come to understand, but for some reason I always hold out hope that the coming day will reveal to me that some of the ignorance has left us. Sadly, today is definitely not one of those days. One of the very few people I keep in contact with from my school days shared with me a link to a post that has literally made me want to vomit. I have to stop and ask myself though, when did human civility and morals take a back seat so much that something like this could become a reality? It’s like they took a giant catapult, aimed it at all that is morally right with the world and missed bigger than the whole of America!


Scientifically if a person gets a taste of something that they like, such as playing a game on beta, once the real version comes out, they’ll do anything they can within their power to get it. Ideas like are presented in the article are only going to ensure that more children are hurt, more lives destroyed, more souls crushed and the mentality will only continue to dwindle. 


You might be asking yourself, “Didn’t you say you were abused as a kid?” Yes, but I was fortunate to have a strong, vital, compassionate, and very primally protective mother. She fought like you wouldn’t believe, but not all parents are as strong or amazing as my mom. There are some moms who dismiss their children’s claims of abuse, in some cases it becomes the norm to them and end up recreating the same abuse when they have their own families. For victims who get started on before they’re old enough to know right from wrong, it can become imprinted on them that it is acceptable within the confines of one’s home. It just recreates a vicious cycle of abuse that never ends.


Ideas like those expressed in the article ought not be a reality. They will only delay the inevitable and could potentially make it even more dangerous to whomever the predator decides to make their victim. The amount of abhorrent disgust I feel cannot truly be fathomed, the sheer screaming going on in my own head is barely decipherable at this point and it’s in my own gosh darn mind. For the link in question, click here to read the article.


5 thoughts on “Off The Reservation

  1. You know me, always taking the devil’s advocate position…I feel your pain and wish there were a way to take it away. BUT, if these things make one single pedophile keep from harming a child, why not? I was disgusted after looking at these anatomically correct little girl dolls, but then I am not sexually attracted to them. For someone who is, I would so much rather they choose a doll than the little girl or boy next door or down the street.
    As a person that has dealt with that particular grouping of mentally ill, I know the recidivism is horrendous, and treatment fails more than it works. We need to find a way to keep them from harming kids. As disgusting as these dolls are to “normal” people, I honestly think if they help even one offender from acting against a kid, then they are worthwhile. I just pray they don’t reinforce4 the behavior.


    • The problem is that it does reinforce the ideology that such behavior is okay because they’re literally pandering to the mindset. Scientists and the government were so worried that the dolls reinforced the ideology that it is okay to molest children that they have been banned in America. The article stated that there was a study done on the strength of reasoning in the brain in those who hadn’t committed such acts vs those who had, those who hadn’t had a stronger connectivity response. If these dolls were released, that strong reasoning would be broken and more children harmed.

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    • The way I see it is this – you know how they have those taste testers sometimes in grocery stores? Or the free snack for kids under a certain age? They get a taste and they want more. It’s the same principal, and the more widely accepted and approved of, the more voraciously they go after it. These dolls put out the idea that it’s okay. They obviously like it, so they’ll want more of it, until they finally go after the real thing. THat is what causes the real danger. Those who’ve never committed an offense would be more inclined to if they were given such an item, it proves to the brain that their impulse is acceptable and even encouraged. It’s dangerous.


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