Pure Insanity

Throughout history it has been proven time and time again that immigration without assimilation is by definition a sign of hostility, the first steps to a full on invasion and the beginnings of a takeover. By definition, immigration with no intent to immerse themselves into the culture they’re moving into is a means of eradicating the original culture by which they’ve been granted access to. This is precisely how nations fall and countries become disenfranchised. They see the powers that be, not enforcing their nation’s laws, letting people run rampant and unchecked. To cry for open borders would be to support the extinction of a nation, the extinction of differences in cultures, in truth it is the extinction of diversity.

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Just take a look at what happened when our forefathers came to this nation. It was a takeover, not a peaceful assimilation, there was no immersion, no cohesion between the Native Indians that we dubbed Native Indians. We labeled them as barbarians, savages, and we took over with little effort. How often do you see a Native Indian anymore? It’s not often, I’m betting. They may not have had any laws regarding immigration, but that didn’t make what we did any better. Now here we are, centuries down the line, we are allowing what we did to the Natives of the land to happen to us even though it goes against our own laws that have been in place for years.


I’ve always been under the impression that laws were intended to be enforced, that this land was our home. I thought letting people into our country ought to be viewed as the same as letting people into our very own personal home. Everyone has their own rules for their individual homes. I’m quite certain if someone walked into your home, made a mess, demanded that you change your routine to fit their lifestyle even though you don’t believe or live that lifestyle, well I’m rather positive that you wouldn’t accept it. Why on earth you want the nation to pay for those who won’t assimilate, who won’t learn the language of our nation, the logic is beyond me. Is there even any logic in your thought process?


Every time I see people crying out for the protection of those who refuse to become apart of America, when I see others claiming that deportation of illegal residents is inhumane, it makes me wonder. If you love these individuals, these law breakers, these detestable human beings who have no care for the rights of the average American, why don’t you let them stay at your house? Why don’t you foot the bill for their personal well being and their shelter? Why don’t you allow your home to be torn asunder, your beliefs or lack there of be questioned under your own roof, your food thrown away because it doesn’t fit into their religious beliefs.


I know I won’t. I am a law abiding citizen of America. I am a resident. This is my country, this is my home, have some respect.

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