Everything Explained!

So this morning was a fun little phenomenon. My husband woke me as usual around 6am, ready to head up stairs to go to sleep. You see, I have taken to sleeping on the couch because sleeping in my bed while my husband is away at work always makes me sad. Sad means I can’t sleep, so I crash on the couch watching something or other on Netflix. Well this morning when we went upstairs to lay down, I was feeling more awake than normal and started yammering on about how I had some strange dream. 


I decided to share with you the interaction as best as I can recall. 


I had a really weird dream before I woke up.


Why don’t you tell me about it lovie?


Well it is super strange. It started out that you and I went to meet some shaman woman who was supposed to send me off on some trial so that I could meet my spirit animal. She said I needed to go through the trial because there were bad guys trying to do stuff to endangered animals or something.

So yea, I go through this trial and I end up finding my spirit animal and it’s a squirrel named Freddy.


(laughing) That explains so much.


*swats him* Hush, I’m telling you about my weird dream! 

So anyway, once I’m finally done with the trial and Freddy and I are heading off to find the shaman woman, we meet an Elephant. His name was Charlie, and he said that the shaman woman had relocated because of the bad guys. Freddy didn’t want to go though because he wanted to look for his missing girlfriend, Sandy. 


(he is still laughing)


Anyway! So Charlie let us ride on his back since he knew where she was. After forever, we found her only to realize apparently Sandy was hidden in her hair. Freddy lost his lid when we got to her and chased Sandy up the shamans neck and back into her hair. 


(practically losing it) This explains everything. Just so much of everything.


*growling* Yea well when we got back together, we went to face off with the bad guys, but there were a bunch of people outside their headquarters! Good thing was that there was a duck pond area near the headquarters, because their headquarters was part of a zoo that had a bunch of exotic animals which was how they were getting their ill-gotten goods they were pilfering. Freddy and I hid behind a tree close to the office and started doing duck calls together to lure the ducks over so that they would distract the people. 

Suddenly I broke into song, singing and dancing and you were picking me up and throwing me in the air and I did mid-air twirls and stuff. It was cool. People were clapping and cheering as I sung about the wild animals and how they just wanted to be home, safe from harm. 


(sounding mildly interested) That actually does sound kind of cool, the singing while in the air thing.


Right? It was so cool. When everyone started wandering away, the bad guys showed up and I had Charlie stomp on them real good, squishing their guts everywhere. *in a chipper tone* Then we rode off into the sunset together on Charlie.


(laughing again) Oh great, I can’t ride into the sunset in a nice car, no I ride into the sunset on the back of an elephant. Thanks, Shay.


*shocked voice* What?! I thought it was awesome!


This dream just explains so much about you, my sweet wild energetic squirrel girl.


Oh shut up. *fake-hurt voice*


Not long after the exchange ended, the kids woke up and the day began. I thought it would be fun to share this weird little dream, maybe it’ll give you better insight into who I am too?

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