What Could Be

There are a lot of pressing topics that have been clouding my mind as of late, one of which being the government’s unseemingly distasteful desire to meddle with policies they have no clue about. Obama Care may have given coverage to people who otherwise would be denied due to preexisting conditions, but it also made low-mid tier and mid tier employees pay more for medicaid that they didn’t have. Why these people pay for something they don’t use to begin with is beyond me. My children don’t go to school but we still pay school zone tax, we have never had state assistance yet we still pay for state assistance programs. Medicaid is great for those who don’t work or work just little enough that they’re not taxed for it, but the income levels who do pay for it struggle to provide for their family because of the taxes they are forced to pay. 


The problem isn’t so much government meddling though, it’s medical coverage as a whole. No human being should be able to be denied or charged more for medical coverage, or for medical care. In my opinion, there should be a flat-rate that is seen as the acceptable median for any and all procedures. If an individual is born with a heart or lung condition, that should not stop them from getting coverage or receiving medical attention. Period. They’re human just like all of us. This does not however mean that everyone else should pay for their medical needs. Being an individual who grew up with a metabolism issue as well as a mental disorder or two, I know it isn’t easy taking care of someone who has medical needs. I recall my first ever medical bill as an adult, I had swallowed my tongue ring like a fool and ended up with ambulance, er visit, doctor and x-ray charges I had to pay. All that accumulated to over $5,000 just for a simple accident like swallowing a tongue ring. 


At the time, I had no medical coverage. I didn’t really need it because I’d learned to manage my conditions. Some conditions can’t be managed though, and that is where my stance comes from. Medical coverage should not be mandatory, but optional. Medical coverage should not be paid for through the taxes of those who slave away at work all day every day, but should be paid for either by the individual or by the state on a case by case basis. Forcing a copay on people is understandable but it should be reasonable. A person who has to take management medications, or long term medications should not be made to pay a copay that makes going without seem a better option. Many low income families can’t afford a $50-$75 copay just to visit a doctor to get a refill on a $40 prescription. 


Because of all the hoodwinking and backstabbing means of charging people extra, I personally gave up on a prescription that was helping me. The cost of health coverage alone makes me wish that I would spontaneously die because the idea of being a financial burden fills me with anger, depression, and a sense of uselessness. Many others out there feel the same way, even though the only person financially responsible for me is my husband. He works tireless hours day in and day out, but even then, the raise that happened to my medication thanks to obama care and the medical company my husband uses through his work, my medication is no longer covered and I would have had to pay full price. 


So all you out there who think that Obama Care was great, keep in mind that there are people like me who have chosen to stop their medication due to the horrors wrought by his bill. Trump’s bill is horrible as well, but I honestly rather be ill than pay almost as much for my medication as I do for my electric bill. Medical coverage will always be a disaster so long as there is no free market.


4 thoughts on “What Could Be

  1. First, let me say that I completely understand your frustration. But it should be aimed not at Medicaid as Medicaid is STATE controlled (not medicare as that is for the senior citizens and the disabled only), but at the insurance providers who raised their rates during the last couple of years, at the insurance companies who chose NOT to go into the marketplace as they would have to abide by the rates decided through ACA, the big pharma’s who significantly raised the cost of medication for the under and uninsured to “make up” for the cost negotiated by the government and the Republican Party for throwing in a huge tax break for the wealthy in an amendment to the original ACA.
    So far as the cost of prescriptions, the ACA did NOT raise those costs. Pharmaceutical companies did so. Costs of individual plans being raised is frankly understandable as so many insurance companies chose to pay a small fine instead of joining the marketplace..and when there are less choices there are higher costs. We all of us have to choose where we will spend our shrinking expendable dollars. it is beyond frustrating to have to choose between diapers and meds. It is heartbreaking to have to choose between food, shelter and meds. Obamacare (the ACA) has problems for sure. But please put the blame where it belongs and not on a government subsidy that keeps seniors and the disabled alive. A flat rate insurance plan that could cover everyone is already in existence…it is state run and called MEDICAID. The federal government gives a stipend to each state that has a Medicaid program and the state then has the option to expand coverage by accepting the stipend or keeping coverage ONLY for the lowest income people by refusing the stipend. You and I BOTH would have been receiving Medicaid under the ACA had our idiot States accepted the stipend….and your meds would have been 5.00 a month.

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    • Reason I blame government is for sticking their noses in medical decisions to begin with. Before Obama care happened, I was able to get my prescriptions, any prescriptions, for $5 on the same medical plan I have presently. After Obama care – all my medications cost anywhere from $15-$45. Not to mention the penalization of people who couldn’t afford medical coverage or who simply felt no need for it because they just didn’t go to the doctors. I used to go without coverage and was fine, my kids had coverage because it was medically relevant with the shots they needed and check ups to make sure they were developing right. Now we pay almost triple our original monthly premiums and almost never use it because I stopped seeing my dr. The copay was just too ridiculous.


    • On top of all that – there is a Medicaid tax we have to pay even though we don’t use it. The amount he pays per check has tripled to over $100 per pay period (biweekly) which could have gone towards something that actually benefits our family like food, clothing, bills etc. I hate paying for something that I never use, medical coverage and Medicaid included.


  2. I used to feel the same way Shay, so I get it. I truly do. I had blue cross/blue shield insurance, low premiums and spent maybe 10 bucks a month on meds. Then I had two heart attacks. Then I lost coverage as BCBS refused to renew me without a 5 grand per month premium. Then hospital bills from that danged FOR PROFIT hospital took our house to pay my bill. We ended up homeless with no insurance and me with a heart condition. So, yea I get it. the point here? YOU NEVER KNOW when you will need medicare or medicaid in order to be alive. No one wants to pay it. And it went up for every American except those bloodsucking Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate as they all get Government Insurance, and give themselves tax breaks every fricking year. The ACA would have worked…and had every chance of being a great program until the REPUBLICANS got their amendments attached. That little medicaid tax by the way does not come from the federal government…it is assessed by the state in which you live.


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