Our True Perspective

When I think of the word hidden, the first and foremost thing that pops into my mind is how we truly feel about people, things, and events happening around us. Reason being? Majority of people hide their true thoughts and intentions, constantly, in varying degrees. Most commonly at social functions. It used to not be this way, the exchange of ideas and moral compasses used to be a common thing that was supported, or even sparked excitement. That was in a day and age where being offended by every little thing made you appear weak, uncivil, and incapable of seeing a different direction or view. At least, that was how it would have been perceived. 


So what happened? Intelligent debate is no longer welcome. Certain words and phrases can’t be used anymore, no matter how aptly they might describe a situation, because someone’s feelings might get hurt. We literally live in a society where honest, open, scientifically backed debates are not allowed to be held. Speakers are violently protested to the point that their entourage says it’s too dangerous to appear because of the imminent danger posed to the speaker. We have let the special snowflakes, social justice warriors, and the weak minded who can’t handle opposing views to dominate our world.


It is because of this that our youth grow up thinking that the world should be handed to them on a silver platter. Why? If we don’t, their feelings might get hurt. Everyone gets a participation trophy or ribbon, even if they did absolutely nothing. You can fail as hard as you want, you’ll still get boosted up and pushed forward. There no longer is any challenge. Why put forth effort if you’ll still win, right? A movie made back in 2006 nailed it on the head. I only wish the world had been smart enough to realize. If you don’t know of what movie I speak, I recommend you search your “apple store” or “Google play” for Idiocracy 2006.


There is a difference between speaking in such a way as to spare hurt feelings for valid reasons, such as properly phrasing oneself, and completely ignoring truth and fact to spare an individual’s feelings. One can be ignorant, so long as they seek enlightenment. 

8 thoughts on “Our True Perspective

  1. I took a class in high school my junior year called “Debate”! Imagine trying to create a class like that today. The class taught us civil ways to present theories or elements of thought. It also taught us how to disagree with them respectfully and respond to the classmate on the other side of the table without calling him or her names or telling them they were stupid just because they disagreed with our position.

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  2. Good post but I have to say that I dislike the term ‘Social Justice Warrior’ because that it precisely what they aren’t. The motives of each of these individuals is entirely selfish based on looking good in front of their peers.

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    • I agree, but they hide under the guise of “social justice”, in fact the very title wouldn’t exist if not for them. They destroy good honest conversation, even conversation that has no negative narrative. I’ve seen it and heard horror stories about it.

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      • Maybe Fake Rights Activists would be a better term for them because they are obsessed with identifying with as many supposedly ‘oppressed’ groups as possible. The more that they can identify with, the greater the ‘street cred’ it gives them. Such people have existed for decades, it is just that they didn’t have the internet as a medium to try to force their views on others. In pre-internet days they would try to ‘No Platform … ‘ anyone who disagreed with them by shouting them down (this still goes on now though).

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        • Yea they do a lot of shouting down at opposing opinions … It is ludicrous, to be quite frank. I like the term Social Justice Warriors because it amuses me, it’s like when you get into a text argument with someone who is a keyboard warrior. They resort to insults that make absolutely no sense to any sane logical person.


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