Inward Reflection

I haven’t been around for a while, mainly because I’ve been doing some visceral reflections of myself and my situation. Reason for this being that I see mayhem and destruction every time I turn around. I lift my head to whomever is trying to get my attention, the news almost always being negative in some way, shape, or form. What exactly did I do to deserve all this buzzing negativity surrounding me? I’ve become more a recluse than normal these past few months since the POTUS was announced, in part to the fact that those who don’t hate Trump love what he is doing, without regard to who it might hurt. Those that are against Trump want to see him die. 


When did we as a people become so hateful, so downright disgusting that our moral compass allows us to wish death on another living human being? So his views are messed up, in many peoples eyes so are mine. Should I be killed just because my ideas of what is right and what is wrong differ from someone else’s? When did we become a collaboration of hateful, death-wishing, unforgiving, fearmongers? The whole idea of America was to create a land of the free, where ideas could be discussed without malice and fabrications of fact. Our very nations identity is on the cusp of dying, yet people want to allow others to dictate how America celebrates its holidays. You don’t have to like Trump, I certainly don’t, but don’t hate America. 


America used to be a place where Merry Christmas was seen as polite and friendly, you didn’t think twice before saying it for fear of offending someone’s dainty little feelings. People used to not sugar coat the truth and be honest, now America has gone from a holiday celebrating flamboyantly truthful and flirting with temptations of death to teetering on the edge of not being America anymore. We used to have our own culture, our own life style, our own ways of life. Thanks to America being the “melting pot”, we no longer have a culture. We no longer speak the truth, because someone might get their itty bitty baby feelings hurt. Honesty is shamed, culture is demolished, traditions are dying, yet all anyone can do is scream about how we need to kill the president. 


Ever think that the death of America might be the very reason Trump won to begin with? He made promises of restoring America to her original glory, though what era of “glory” to which he referred to then was unknown, and it spoke to people. It spoke to their hearts. America shouldn’t have to give up its own culture, her traditions, or her honesty. She shouldn’t have to compromise, because this is America and she should be free to be how she wants. Yes, in my eyes America is a woman. I don’t care if it makes me sexist. We send armies out to defend her and her honor all the time. I think it’s high time we defend her honor here on the home front, before all is truly lost. We aren’t loyal to a man who leads a country, we are loyal to a country we call home.

7 thoughts on “Inward Reflection

  1. which American culture will we end up espousing as the one true American culture? I can almost guarantee it won’t be the Native American’s..nor the Black Americans. It can’t be the Mexican Americans..they were here before anyone ever came over from England. Or the French American….how do we choose?

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    • Referring to the only American culture I was raised to know. Growing up, I learned about Christmas, not just its Christian heritage or the heritage before that but the true meaning behind holidays in general. These days though, things like Valentines Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas are being removed from schools, from city decorations, they stopped hanging wreaths around street lamps because it might offend someone. Holiday cheer, togetherness, and love might offend someone. That is what christmas is to me. Cheer, togetherness, and love. It is how I see all holidays, how I see birthdays. Yet now, to celebrate it, openly at least, you get shunned. Told you’re intolerant, or that you’ve offended someones fragile sense of self. I am an atheist who celebrates Christmas for what it means to me. It doesn’t have to have the same premise for everyone, not celebrating it has always been an option. I celebrate it anyhow because I was raised believing that was apart of being an American. Everyone calls it an American holiday. Religious connotations or not, I love holidays. Take away the holidays and the rest of the year just drags on, nothing special to get hopeful over. Nothing to get excited for. Life becomes dull without holidays and things to bring cheer to the hearts of others.

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  2. Yes, the word is full of negativity, but I think it’s up to us to find those aspects that bring life to life.
    I read somewhere that on average it takes four takes as much happy actions and thoughts to off-set one negative one.

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