Trigger Warning:

This Post May Contain Potential Triggers For Weak Or Self-Entitled Souls

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Those who followed my blog from the beginning may have noticed a sudden lack in posts. The downward trend having started when my Aunt passed away last year, it has simply become worse as time wore on. Daily prompts have no longer held any interest for me, blogging challenges simply frustrated me, sharing recipes or day to day things about my family felt mundane. All this and more stemming from the loss of someone who, though I didn’t know her as well as I’d of liked, I had grown attached to.


Of late, a new thing has happened though that has added misery into the lives of my family. My daughters, two both very bright minded and intelligent little girls, are being forced down a slow aching path of intellectual-stuntedness. How is this so? They recently passed, as of the starting school year for 2017-2018 classes, your child must be 6 years old by August 1st. It used to be that the child would need to be 5 years of age before the start of the school year, or in some places before Sept 1st. As it stands now, my children who are already learning to write their letters and read on their own, will not be able to be enrolled in any kind of actual school until they are 7 years old.


This is a travesty, a thing like this should not be condoned. The idea of changing the age as well as the age by date ought to be considered blasphemous. Sadly, I’ve seen no outrage. No contempt. Not so much as a negative word have I heard from any fellow parents. Granted I am homeschooling my children, I cannot enroll them officially as being homeschooled for, at minimum, another 3 years. The state won’t even recognize them as having done school work until such a time as they are considered age appropriate.


This and so many other things have been ravaging my mind of late. I am positively livid to the point that my ability to focus has been diminishing. Self-righteous children run rampant thinking the world owes them, entitled miscreants act as though they are better than the working class, while children run about laughing at the people who are actually behaving like adults and doing their best to raise their children. This behavior not only enrages me but it makes me wonder just how much longer the human race will continue on with people making a mockery of parenting and being an adult in general.


When did it become okay to make fun of people who work for a living to put food on their table and take care of their family? When did it become okay for people to mock parents for doing what they feel is right by their child in the best interest of growing up to be a respectable human being? This lack of respect and care astonishes and disgusts me.

2 thoughts on “Struggles

  1. I feel your pain. I looked up that stupid law after we “talked” and it screws up the school year for kids just starting out. It makes no sense to me to hold back intelligent children and deny them the right to attend school for an arbitrary date of birth. My own kids started school at age five. both were happy with school, did well in their respective classes and learned. In jr High I home schooled both of them as the school district we had moved into failed their accreditation and no classes could be transferred anywhere else in the country. Four years later we moved again and both ended up graduating HS with advanced diplomas by age 16. Your girls are so very bright. Schools should be open to them based on knowledge, not age. I know some high schoolers that should be in the first grade simply because of the way they act.

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    • Isn’t it one of the most ignorant and arbitrary laws you ever heard of? I agree, schools should be based off knowledge instead of age. Age or when one is born can’t be helped by anything outside of time itself. Why anyone should be held back from an eduction based on such an arbitrary thing as when they are born? I am angered by this stupidity. Makes me think the individual(s) responsible shouldn’t of graduated school themselves.

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