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Of late, I’ve been asked many times my stance on certain things thanks to the political shitstorm America is in right now. Between women’s rights, the policy makers, and the POTUS, we’ve had a lot on our plate. Not to mention the bills being passed of late which have been stirring up a bunch of controversy. I talked it over with my dear friend Suze and we’ve come to the conclusion that I might as well write a blog about it. So here goes nothing.


To start with, I want to warn you, I am an atheist libertarian who happens to also be a married straight white female in a monogamous relationship who is of no discernable talents other than being a great homemaker, wife, and mother. Horrible, isn’t it? I confess, I enjoy it though. Take a deep breath, sweet triggered people, I promise, it gets better. I take care of my home finances, balance my budget, and for the most part try not to end up arguing with people who have less than two brain cells. It’s about as fair as a fight with an unarmed person, but I am all about attempting fairness. Now that you have a little background about me, on to the topic that has been pushed in my face more times than I can count.


I’ve been asked, “How can you, as a libertarian female, not be pro life?!” Well, problem with this question is that I am pro-life. I just also understand there are certain aspects of people’s lives that cannot be accounted for and should not penalize the individuals for these situations. For instance an individual with a mental handicap caused by the situation should not be forced to carry a child which caused them a traumatic incident. Be it rape or incest, both can be equally traumatic yet are not considered by most to be a viable reason to have early pregnancy termination. So I ask the question that I find most pertinent, “If you were abused, violently, then forced into a sexual situation, would you want to carry that permanent reminder of what happened with you at all times?” It’s actually been discussed in many circles that women of traumatic pregnancies tend to resent the child and thus treat the child poorly. Is that really what you want? Aren’t the children supposed to be our main concern? 


Then there are the few, the rare, the downtrodden who cannot physically carry due to blood disorder, body shape/size, or a long medical history of miscarriages with internal bleeding as a result. Are these people to be penalized for the abuse of a doctors care by those who can’t use regular contraceptive? Is there life no more precious to you than a grain of sand? The claim that life begins at conception makes me so angry because what of the to-be mothers who will die in childbirth? The women who are forced to carry a baby but don’t have the hips or weight to carry a child to term? Do you have any idea the trauma that will be put upon them or the child when they die as does their child? Then there is the people that say single-parent households lead to gangbanger kids. So you want the mother to give birth just so she can die and leave the man with a child that he doesn’t know what to do with? Most parenting classes are for women because women are the natural caregivers. You just signed that woman’s death certificate. Good on you and your principles though because now there’s a widowed man with a baby to take care of and he has to work two jobs just to cover child care and live below the cozy standard of living. You wonder why I don’t like you.


Part of what bothers me though is that thanks to these laws that are being made in regards to abortions and other female health care is that the law has no place in the dealings of my vagina! While I am against and find abortion abhorrent, I understand the practicality and necessity of it. Should the government cover it? No, but medical coverage that you pay for should cover a portion of the costs. These laws make it so medical professionals cannot do what is in the best interest of their patient without potential loss of their medical license. Why should the doctor fear for their profession when they’re just doing what is in the best interest of the patient? Thank you, law man, you just executed untold numbers of women with medical problems who can’t carry to term. So much for the value of life.


As for the most problematic part of this entire discussion? It would be the fact that apparently I’m not entitled to have my own educated opinion about abortion because I’m a white, straight, atheist, libertarian, married female. That’s a heck of a mouth full, right? I’ve seen people get shouted down for trying to debate this subject with facts and logic to the point they simply concede the point and give up. It upsets me to no end that people cannot have stimulating educational conversations without screaming like a wild rabid animal. One’s opinion should not be treated as any less important than others just because they differ. Instead, open a line of dialog and try to see if their reasoning is sound and make sense. Or you could… I don’t know… Just fuck off? That works too.

3 thoughts on “Indomitable

  1. I tend to anger all the “conservatives” when I open my mouth. Let us suffice it to say that I think abortion needs to be legal and politicians need to keep their noses out of a doctor’s office or a female body part. Honestly, if MEN were the ones that had to carry then deliver a child, i can state positively they would not only have the govt pay for healthcare and birth control, but would legalize abortion without restraint.

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