Awareness And Awakening



Thanks to my dearest friend, Suze of Suziland, I was given a lightbulb tonight. You see, of late, I’ve been having difficulty getting my creative juices going in terms of writing blog posts due to extenuating circumstances. Those circumstances having something to do with tonight’s topic, actually.


As we often see on television, in movies, and when we talk to people online, there are many mental illnesses. Now, for those who don’t suffer from or aren’t closely affected by those who are afflicted by mental illness, it isn’t easy for them to sympathize with those who are affected. There are those who might have mental illness but aren’t able to empathize with those who have different types, which often leads to those around them dealing with other problems feeling as though they don’t care.


This isn’t the case. A person with PTSD might not understand or be able to empathize with someone who has depression or is bipolar, same as a person with ADD/ADHD might not be capable of sympathizing with someone anxiety. These are all different forms of mental illnesses, some which clash with eachother and others not so much. The problem is often that these people feel alone so they keep their thoughts, mainly the bad ones, to themselves. 


We should encourage those who suffer to speak with someone, either a close friend or family member or a professional if no one is willing to take the time to talk. Work on building an inner circle of those you can depend on, even when things aren’t bad. If you are with someone who don’t understand and doesn’t try to work with you or be there for you during your rough times but only wants to be there for the good, perhaps it’s time you start putting your needs first. Happiness is a two way street, if they aren’t willing to put the time and effort into you, then you aren’t obligated to put the time and effort into them.


Mental illness is a very serious topic. I suffer from multiple mental illnesses of which I wont waste your time listing, but I can tell you how I cope, how I manage and still do my best to keep striving to be the best person, wife, mother, and daughter that I can be. Remember, no one is perfect. We can only do our very best to be the best version of ourselves as is humanly possible.


Every morning when I wake up, I count all the things I am thankful for as I brush my teeth and go about my daily routine. Even the little things matter, like having fresh clean water to drink, having a bed to have woken up in, even the act of having woken up today is a blessing. I promise, if you look at everything that is around you, you’ll find many things to be thankful for.


I try to be mindful of the problems I have, while working on finding ways to correct these problems so that I can be a better person. Things such as yelling when the kids are screaming and carrying on instead of calming myself before trying to get them to settle down. Sure the yelling might get their attention, but it makes one come off as though I’m angry when really all it is is that they need to settle down and stop being so loud that even the neighbors outside can hear.


When the stress or frustration gets to be too much, call a friend or family member. I do this a lot when I get overly frustrated when the kids won’t listen. My go to person to call is my mom. She’s helped calm me down from a boil more times than I care to count, but I’m glad she is willing to be there and help talk me down. We all have times when our mental illnesses might cause our mood to either spike or nose dive, it is during those times that we need human interaction the most. Finding a trusted friend to confide in is important, even if it’s only one or two people.


Finally, something that anyone with a sensation of worthlessness should do. Contact a professional. Not for my sake, not just for your own sake, but for the sake of those who care about you. Even if you don’t think anyone cares, I promise you, there are people who care. It just might not seem like it at that point because your mind is allowing you to wallow in your feelings of worthlessness. In all actuality though, there are people who do care about you.

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