Spectacularly Amazing

It is only befitting that today’s prompt be “Captivating“, what with today being the 6th year anniversary of the day my husband and I first kissed and officially started dating. If it weren’t for that kiss, who knows where I may of ended up? Of course, I was too dreadfully shy so my husband was the one who initiated. A year after that though, he popped the question. It was unromantic, we had had a terrible day, we had gone to try doing something nice for our first year anniversary to find our bank account was in Non-Sufficient Funds territory. So off we went to the bank to find out, on our first year anniversary, what in the world went wrong. It turns out this was the culprit.



You see, my husband had gotten an engagement ring for me, well in advance, but they didn’t charge until well after he paid for it. Who knew they could charge you late? While we were sitting in the car, waiting to go in to find out what went wrong, he turned to me and said he wanted the day to have at least one shining moment. Right there, in the parking lot, in a dingy car, he proposed to me, full well knowing he was proposing to a crazy lady.


Not long after, we found out the most astounding news. We were pregnant! In order for the baby and I to receive care, we had to push forward the date of the wedding but we didn’t mind at all. We had already made up our minds, we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.


Our love kept us captivated with eachother and still to this day I cannot think of a person more captivating than my husband. Thanks to our love, we have had the joy of two beautiful children brought into our lives.

To keep things happy and healthy, not only is this our 6th year anniversary together as a whole but this is the first year anniversary of having quit smoking! I found the snippet I wrote from last year and I can’t be more proud of us as a couple and a family.


As an added bonus in trying to be healthy and extending our longevity, after finding out I was overweight this past Christmas, I began tracking my weight and progress. So far, I’ve lost 17 lbs since Dec 19th! I added my weight loss tracker to the website for those interested in following along. I am trying to be more active within my blog, with the kids being homeschooled for the time being though and everyone getting sick and such, it’s been hard. I hope this post makes up for some of it though! Hope everyone has a happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “Spectacularly Amazing

  1. happy anniversary!!!!!!!!! and congrats on the year smoke free! That was incredibly difficult and I am so proud of you two!. Now if I can just do it…I get to a month and inevitably something happens (Usually it is me waking up) and I start again. By the way, the picture of you and Allan is so gorgeous!

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    • Aww thank you, and yea it hasn’t been easy but by golly I’ve made a darn steady effort to stay away from cigarettes! I believe in you, Suze, you can do it too! ❤ Also sorry my response is chaotic, that kinda is how my house is right now. Absolute chaos lol


  2. Happy anniversary sweet pea! ❤ So happy for the both of you for finding the right person for yourselves! I've still not had that happen! lol I wish you both many many many more years of bliss together and health! ❤

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