Things We Put Up With

Having been part of a bigger family than I am used to for the past several years, I’ve come to realize another reason why I despise people. The problem being that they don’t even realize that they are doing more damage than they are good. People seem to be under the impression just because you became family through marriage, you’re obligated to do things for others until you die. This is a wrong assumption. If you give and give until it destroys you, your children will learn to be doormats too. My children will not watch their mother wither and die due to the incompetence of others.


I have been told that my children require interaction with other children, but if that interaction results in them being rude, vulgar, or ill tempered, is it truly in the best interest of the child? If this interaction results in them doing things they know they shouldn’t, isn’t it doing more damage than it is good? I see no reason to tolerate the ill behaved children of my neighborhood just for my girls to pick up their bad manners. Why do people even think they have a right to tell me what is best for mine anyhow? Are they my childrens’ parents? Obviously not, if they’re my children.


As a mother, as a wife, as a daughter and daughter-in-law, I refuse to be pushed around by those around me into thinking that any one person has the right way to raise my children. There is no handbook for a reason, all children are different and have different needs in order to grow up into respectable human beings. Unlike most, my children will not grow up with technology in their hands. They will have books, pencils, colored pencils, crayons, and the likes. They will not grow up thinking their parents don’t love them or believing television is the answer to every tantrum, we will have time out, swattings, and lectures. They are my children, and I will parent them as I so see fit. 


I have cut people from my life for being toxic to me, be they friend or family. No one is immune to being pruned from my world. This might come off as frigid, but I will always work in the best interest of my children, even if that means stripping them of their toxic family members. One cannot expect of my family what they are unwilling to do themselves. A line of friendship goes both ways, be it friends in our area, friends in our family, or friends we meet at parks. Make an effort so there is effort to be returned.

5 thoughts on “Things We Put Up With

    • Personally, that is what I thought, but apparently some seem to think they know my girls better than I do, despite my girls being with me almost 24/7. Glad to see I am not alone in thinking my husband and I should be free to raise our girls as we deem necessary. For crying out loud, they are only 3&4 years old respectively and are working on learning to free write their alphabet. How many parents can say their kids can free write their alphabet before preschool / kindergarten?


  1. You definitely do not come across as frigid…and yes sometimes to maintain your sanity you need to cut off toxic people from time to time so it’s alright! And wow that’s quite something of they’re able to free write before pre school. Talkers will talk. You just continue doing your stuff. 🙂

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