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Of late, I’ve been asked many times my stance on certain things thanks to the political shitstorm America is in right now. Between women’s rights, the policy makers, and the POTUS, we’ve had a lot on our plate. Not to mention the bills being passed of late which have been stirring up a bunch of controversy. I talked it over with my dear friend Suze and we’ve come to the conclusion that I might as well write a blog about it. So here goes nothing.


To start with, I want to warn you, I am an atheist libertarian who happens to also be a married straight white female in a monogamous relationship who is of no discernable talents other than being a great homemaker, wife, and mother. Horrible, isn’t it? I confess, I enjoy it though. Take a deep breath, sweet triggered people, I promise, it gets better. I take care of my home finances, balance my budget, and for the most part try not to end up arguing with people who have less than two brain cells. It’s about as fair as a fight with an unarmed person, but I am all about attempting fairness. Now that you have a little background about me, on to the topic that has been pushed in my face more times than I can count.


I’ve been asked, “How can you, as a libertarian female, not be pro life?!” Well, problem with this question is that I am pro-life. I just also understand there are certain aspects of people’s lives that cannot be accounted for and should not penalize the individuals for these situations. For instance an individual with a mental handicap caused by the situation should not be forced to carry a child which caused them a traumatic incident. Be it rape or incest, both can be equally traumatic yet are not considered by most to be a viable reason to have early pregnancy termination. So I ask the question that I find most pertinent, “If you were abused, violently, then forced into a sexual situation, would you want to carry that permanent reminder of what happened with you at all times?” It’s actually been discussed in many circles that women of traumatic pregnancies tend to resent the child and thus treat the child poorly. Is that really what you want? Aren’t the children supposed to be our main concern? 


Then there are the few, the rare, the downtrodden who cannot physically carry due to blood disorder, body shape/size, or a long medical history of miscarriages with internal bleeding as a result. Are these people to be penalized for the abuse of a doctors care by those who can’t use regular contraceptive? Is there life no more precious to you than a grain of sand? The claim that life begins at conception makes me so angry because what of the to-be mothers who will die in childbirth? The women who are forced to carry a baby but don’t have the hips or weight to carry a child to term? Do you have any idea the trauma that will be put upon them or the child when they die as does their child? Then there is the people that say single-parent households lead to gangbanger kids. So you want the mother to give birth just so she can die and leave the man with a child that he doesn’t know what to do with? Most parenting classes are for women because women are the natural caregivers. You just signed that woman’s death certificate. Good on you and your principles though because now there’s a widowed man with a baby to take care of and he has to work two jobs just to cover child care and live below the cozy standard of living. You wonder why I don’t like you.


Part of what bothers me though is that thanks to these laws that are being made in regards to abortions and other female health care is that the law has no place in the dealings of my vagina! While I am against and find abortion abhorrent, I understand the practicality and necessity of it. Should the government cover it? No, but medical coverage that you pay for should cover a portion of the costs. These laws make it so medical professionals cannot do what is in the best interest of their patient without potential loss of their medical license. Why should the doctor fear for their profession when they’re just doing what is in the best interest of the patient? Thank you, law man, you just executed untold numbers of women with medical problems who can’t carry to term. So much for the value of life.


As for the most problematic part of this entire discussion? It would be the fact that apparently I’m not entitled to have my own educated opinion about abortion because I’m a white, straight, atheist, libertarian, married female. That’s a heck of a mouth full, right? I’ve seen people get shouted down for trying to debate this subject with facts and logic to the point they simply concede the point and give up. It upsets me to no end that people cannot have stimulating educational conversations without screaming like a wild rabid animal. One’s opinion should not be treated as any less important than others just because they differ. Instead, open a line of dialog and try to see if their reasoning is sound and make sense. Or you could… I don’t know… Just fuck off? That works too.


Love Lorn Pt14

Not even two minutes had passed and the couple was pulling up into the driveway. Jane greeted them warmly as she approached the car. The first thing she noticed was the young woman had definitely had a change in her itinerary for life. The baby bump wasn’t extreme, but it was very obviously there.

As the woman was exiting the car, Jane clasped her hands around the young ladies outstretched one, “Congratulations Mrs. Furro.” she was positively beaming at her.

Face flushing, “Thank you, Mrs. Harrol.” Mrs. Furro hurriedly spoke, obviously uncomfortable.

Come now dear, Mrs. Harrol is just being polite. No need to get self conscious.” Her husband said snapily. “We’re just here to look at a house, not impart our lifes story.” His voice was sharp and cutting as he spoke, Mrs. Furro’s head drooping as he talked down to her.

Let us get this underway, I’m sure there are more pressing things you would much rather be doing, Mrs. Furro.” Jane smiled, gently holding the woman’s arm as she guided her into the house.

Mrs. Furro allowed herself to be guided into the house, her husbands face contorting into a confused look. He quickly fell in line, following the ladies into the house. As they went through the house, Jane kept addressing the young lady, telling her about the advantages of the home and soon enough, Mrs. Furro found herself warming up to Jane. The whole while, Mr. Furro’s face seemed to become more and more enraged as he was ignored by the ladies.

What do you think, Mrs. Furro?” Jane asked, smiling brightly at the young woman who had softened and started to glow instead of looking awkward and uncomfortable.

Please, call me Lizzy, and I love it. Could you tell me more about the kitchen appliances?” She asked, her voice soft and pleasant now.

Absolutely, Lizzy. Now you’ll notice, there is a five burner stove top with a double oven and a microwave above for those convenient quick fix meal times when you’re too busy with baby. It’s the most energy efficient on the market, as is the double doored fridge with pullout bottom freezer. The refrigerator is large and built to hold food for an entire family, and the freezer is perfect for quick drop crockpot dinner storage ideas.” Jane was speaking warmly to her, keeping her at ease as she continued, “The previous occupants left behind a bunch of kitchen appliances like a blender, crockpot, food processor, a mixer, griddle, an iron with ironing board. There is also a can opener affixed to the base of the cabinet there,” she pointed to the far edge of the cabinets where it was screwed into the wood, “And there is a mini food processor for making your own solid baby food for when your little one gets to that stage of life. The family who had lived here left them behind at no extra cost and all are energy efficient, their only stipulation was that we find the home a new family that would take good care of it.” 

Oh, would you please excuse me? I think I need to use the little ladies room.” Lizzy said suddenly.

Absolutely, there is a bathroom just down the hall off from the kitchen. It’s the second door down.” Jane smiled, pointing in the direction of the toilet.

Thank you, I’ll just be a moment.” She dashed out of the room to the bathroom and disappeared from sight.

Now you look here, I’m the one you should be talking to, Mrs. Harrol. I’ll be the man of the house.” Mr. Furro snapped quietly in a hushed voice as soon as his wife was out of the room.

Jane turned and rounded on him, her face becoming very close to his, “Your wife is pregnant and you disrespected her in front of someone neither of you know, you’re lucky I don’t send someone to investigate for abuse on her behalf. She is carrying your seed that is growing within her body, feeding off her very existence and you have the gall to say I should address you?” The fury in her eyes was intense as she spoke quietly yet very directly, “You’re going to be a good man to Lizzy, you’re going to take care of whatever she needs and so help me, if you disrespect her again, I’ll make sure she can get a house but you’ll never be able to step foot in another. Her body is changing and she is going through waves of emotions that will make her seem crazy, the last thing she needs is some little man trying to make her feel small and insignificant.” Even though Jane was shorter than Mr. Furro, she appeared to be towering over him as she spoke with clear concise words, her voice cutting the air. “Do I make myself clear?

Mr. Furro, eyes now wide and filled with terror. He’d heard tales of her and how hard she works to get the best houses on the market, her rise from just an intern to number one realtor in the area. He gulped and nodded, “Crystal.” His saucer like eyes were filled with fear.

Just then, Lizzy came back in, breathing a sigh of relief. “Oh, much better. So, Jane, how much will this house cost us?” The look of relief becoming replaced with worry as she thought of the financial setback getting the house might be.

Jane walked to her and smiled, “Well, let me know your price range availability and we will work something out, I’m sure. Won’t we, Mr. Furro?” She shot him a look that dared him to disagree.

He simply stood there, eyes still wide as saucers, “Absolutely. Whatever you want, dear.

After about twenty minutes of discussion, they’d come to an agreement on a price the banks would be willing to help them with that the house owners would accept. As they parted ways, Jane gave Lizzy her personal number and invited her to come by for dinner.

Looking at the time, Jane decided it was time to go back to the office and prepare the Darrens paperwork as it was already half past 4 in the afternoon and closing time was 5pm. On the drive back to the office, Jane found herself humming a tune that she’d heard when roaming the museum. It took little to no time to finish up the paperwork, and soon enough it was time to punch out for the day. She had sold two houses and negotiating her third, and it was only her Monday! Jane was quite pleased with herself.

On her way home, she stopped by a little lake that had been turned into a fountain pond near the epicenter of their fair city and just sat on a bench, watching the birds play in the evening light. It wasn’t until dusk that Jane finally went home. She wasn’t very hungry when she arrived, so she ate some grape tomatoes and headed off to bed, anxious to meet with the Darrens tomorrow morning.


This concludes Chapter 1 of my little story, Love Lorn. I’m planning to do some edits to add more character to the characters (haha see what I did there?) so that readers get a more visual idea of them. Please let me know in the comments below what you think of Chapter 1!

Love Lorn PT13

Jane nodded, “Okay, Jon. I’ll do my best not to speak legal jargon.” She smiled.

As they headed into the house, she kept looking at him, trying to gauge his reaction. So far, he seemed to love the house. It was almost like watching herself when she and Will had been shown their home for the first time. She could see he was immediately in love with it but she couldn’t figure for the life of her what was so lovely to him about this house.

It didn’t take long for Mr. Davies to find nearly every flaw inside the house. After a while of watching him explore, she became more and more worried that she wouldn’t be able to sell. Jane kept trying to give quips of information, but she could tell he wasn’t paying any attention as he scoured the house. Every now and again, he would let out a strange sounding squeal. The noise reminded her of the sound bats make when they’re flying at night and it made her shudder. Their hour to view the house was almost up, and soon Jon would need to be back at work.

Well, do you have any questions, comments, or concerns, Mr. Davies?” Jane asked tentatively, trying to mask the concern in her voice.

Not a one. I’m willing to pay whatever the price is, it’s perfect.” Jon replied.

The shock on her face must have been very blatant because Jon began to laugh, “Why the strange look, Mrs. Harrol?

Jane blinked and simply gawked in bewilderment for a moment longer before finding her voice again, “But the house is in shambles…” she trailed off.

That’s why it’s perfect! The house isn’t going to be lived in for a while, I’m buying it for my sister and her kid. Her boyfriend turned out to be a real piece of shit deadbeat who went to jail and she hasn’t anywhere to go but to live with me.” Jon paused excitedly, then continued, “In my down time I’ll be repairing the house, and in her downtime she will be cleaning it. It works, and she doesn’t need it for another few months, 7 more to go.” He seemed to be positively beaming, the joy in his face was astounding.

She shook her head in disbelief, “Well, the asking price is only ninety grand.” 

Jon nodded, “That’s fine, I’ve got a nest egg about half that size. Since my wife passed away and we never had children, I see no better use for it than getting a house for my sister and the baby.” He was smiling so hard it looked almost like the corners of his lips were trying to steal away from his cheeks and dive into his eyes.

Jane shrugged, “If it’s what you want, Sir, we can set an appointment to get started on the paperwork to finalize the sale.

Mr. Davies clapped his hands together in excitement, “Hows about tomorrow, same time? I’d like to get started on it as soon as possible.

She blinked, still bewildered by all the excitement, but glad to have the house off her listing, “That’s fine. I’ll make sure my boss has no other plans so we can go ahead and get the deed finalized for sale.

He nodded and went out to his repair van, hopping into the drivers seat. Just before he pulled away, he rolled down the passenger window and called out, “Thank you, Mrs. Harrol, the house really is perfect!

Jane stood there, a shocked look on her face as she watched him drive off. She quickly decided to pinch herself to see if she was awake. Sure enough, she was awake and she’d just sold the dilapidated house! Today was a win, no matter what happened before or after that moment, today was definitely a win. She only had one house left, and she could still bargain with Ben on behalf of the Perkins family for some wiggle room on the house. She had time to take a quick half hour lunch, before she was needed at the final house of the day. Luckily for her, she knew the location and surrounding area of the last house and there was a perfect little dine in restaurant that made a mean grilled chicken and grapes salad with croutons and sesame seeds.

When she arrived, three of the waitresses waved in greeting. She seated herself in a window booth, not bothering to pick up the menu. She merely looked through her folder to read more on the family she was showing the last house of the day to, trying to get some insight into what would help push them to buy the house. As she was looking over the files they had requested prior to scheduling the showing, she saw that it was just a man and wife who were wanting a spare bedroom for in case they had a child. Of course, the file hadn’t been updated in the past few months so maybe there was already one on the way?

She shrugged, figuring she’d find out when she showed them the house. Just as she was putting the files back, one of the waitresses came over with her salad. She smiled at Jane and wished her a good day and the best of luck, she’d become somewhat of a regular since the new development had created new business for the establishment. She ate her salad in quiet, enjoying her lunch. Before she knew it, it was time to head off to the house to begin preparing for the couple to arrive.

When she got to the house, she opened the door and it smelled fresh of cleaning product. A look of confusion drew across her face as she wandered through, but seeing nothing needing to be done. When she got to the living room, there was a note affixed to the fireplace.

Dear Realtor

We hope you find this home a good family, we cleaned up before we left.



Jane stared at the short letter for a few moments in shock, then decided to double check each room of the house. It was spotless, and smelled pleasantly clean. She tucked the note away, realizing that the couple would be there soon and waited for them out on the porch.


Love Lorn PT12

As she filed the paperwork away into her desk in its own manila envelope, Jane decided she would get an early start on preparing the house for its showing. Just as she was picking up her bag, her phone pinged. ‘Have a great day, hon. Love Will.‘ She smiled softly and quickly texted a reply, ‘You too, my love. Love Jane.‘ and out the door she went. Jane appeared to have some pep to her step as she went out of the office, and some of her fellow co workers had taken noticed as they smiled and waved to her as she departed. As she got into her car, she noticed that Melody wasn’t in today. Shrugging it off, she figured perhaps Melody was just off work, there hadn’t been any early morning announcement about her being let go.

The first house she was due to show was the three bedroom home, it was in a moderately good community so she had to make sure the house was in good clean condition before the family arrived. As she drove through town to the little gated residential area, she saw a flock of geese flying south. She loved the beginning of fall, the leaves changing and the imminent return of winter. Thoughts of long nights cuddled in front of the fireplace filled her mind as she drove. It was still warm out, but the summer heat had begun to pass.

When she arrived at the house, it was only a quarter to 9am, plenty of time to get the house ready as they weren’t due to arrive until half-past. She went inside the rather large home, immediately noticing the collected dust and bits of dirt on the floor. Going to the hall closet, she grabbed out the broom and swiffer with the wetpads to clean the wood floors. The whole house had wood flooring, but the wood was pristine. It’d been recently redone by the previous family, shortly before they’d moved on to a smaller home as their children had grown and moved away. It only took her twenty minutes to get the family room, living room, dining room and kitchen swept and mopped up. Jane had done the kitchen last so that she could make some fresh pumpkin shaped cookies. It was only the 7th day of September, but it is never too early for pumpkin, at least not in her mind.

As the cookies were baking, she set to dusting the windows and stairs. The task took very little time to complete and soon she was sweeping and mopping the upstairs. As she cleaned each bedroom and the two bathrooms, she made sure to scrub the toilets and the bathtub. Pleased with her hard work and dedication to ensuring a clean fresh smelling house, she went back downstairs and got the cookies out. Setting them on the counter to cool, Jane headed for the door. Jane had stood on the stoop for close to five minutes when the family arrived. Welcoming them to the home, she informed them there were fresh baked cookies for the kids to snack on while she showed the parents the home.

To her disappointment, the house was a bit out of the families range. They loved the location, the house, and the school district but the price was just too high for them to afford. As they parted ways, they informed Jane that they would speak with their financial institution and see if they could get some wiggle room and asked that she inquire about possibly lowering the price to fit their needs. Otherwise, they would have to start the search all over again. She promised them she would see what could be done and watched as they left. Gathering up the remaining cookies, she cleaned the dishes and headed back to the office.

Jane arrived just in time for the Perri family to be pulling up to the real estate office. She brought them to her office where she’d drawn up the paperwork and had them sign here, initial there, and double checked to make sure everything was official. 

I’ll be just a moment, Mr. and Mrs. Perri, I’m going to check that my boss is ready for you so that he can sign the deed over to you.” Jane smiled at them and departed.

Knocking on Ben’s door, she heard something clatter then a sudden, “What is it?

She opened the door barely enough to peek her head in, “Sir, are you ready for the Perri family?

He huffed and bruskly replied, “Send them in. The deed is ready.

She nodded and went back to her office and got the family over into his office to get the deed, “If there is anything else I can help you with, Mr. and Mrs. Perri, just let me know.” Jane smiled warmly.

You’ve been wonderful, Mrs. Harrol, thank you for everything.” Mr. Perri said as they went into Ben’s office.

Jane closed the door behind them and went back to her office to file the paperwork, then she opened the little drop slot that led to her bosses office and stuck the file in. She could hear Ben grabbing the folder and looking it over one final time, and she knew that the house would be theirs as she heard the hushed conversation through the opening. Jane smiled, pleased with herself. She took a moment to look over her schedule. Next house to show was the fixer-upper. She didn’t really need to put any effort into it, as the whole house was in desperate need of repair. 

It was only half an hour till the man was to due arrive, so she headed out of the office to the little house. The area the house was in was a decent enough place, but that house was an eye sore on the housing market. She knew she needed to sell the house, and she hoped the gentleman who was looking at it today would buy it off them. They were showing the house at noon, to accommodate his work schedule so he would be on lunch break for the tour.

When Jane arrived, he was already there, scouting the outside of the building with intense interest. “Hello, Mr. Davies. I see you found the place just fine.

He laughed, “Just call me Jon, Mrs. Harrol. It wasn’t hard to spot, they said it was a fixer upper and it sure is!” Jon seemed to be positively beaming with delight. “I couldn’t help but arrive early, I wanted a sneak peek before you started all the legal jargon.


To read from the beginning, you must find the prologue!

Love Lorn PT11

It was a Saturday morning, but for Jane, it was her Monday. As she woke, she stretched, her hands unsuspectingly hitting the beds headboard. She hadn’t done that in some time, but then, she also hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in a while too. Tossing the blanket off her, she realized she had no clue how she even got into her own bed. Looking around, the room was tidy and the door was slightly ajar. Jane got up out of bed and peeked out the door. What met her was the delightful scent of pancakes.

She wandered into the kitchen and saw her husband standing there, flipping pancakes while making scrambled eggs. Jane came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist.

Good morning, dear.” She whispered softly in his ear. Giving his rear-end a squeeze, she went to go about making herself a cup of tea.

No need, hon. There’s a fresh cup on the table for you.” He turned away from the stove long enough to give her a kiss. “I hope you slept well. You were passed out before I got home.

She laughed softly, “I don’t remember going to bed, I must have been more tired than I thought.

Oh, you weren’t in bed when I got home. You were asleep on the couch.” He chuckled, “You looked adorable. I didn’t want you to wake up knotted though, so I took you to bed when I realized you were asleep.” Will smiled at her as he began plating some breakfast for her.

Jane’s cheeks flushed slightly, “That explains how I woke up.

Sitting down beside his wife, Will looked at her with concern, “What do you mean?” He placed a plate before her and one for himself.

I woke up, began to stretch and found my hands hitting the headboard.” She laughed, “I haven’t done that in a while.

He chuckled, shaking his head, “It’s all right, you fell asleep in one place and woke in another. It is to be expected.

As they ate, they sat in silence, aside from asking for butter or syrup for their pancakes. They enjoyed a moment of peaceful quiet as they ate. Though they didn’t speak, they kept glancing at each other. Every now and then they’d look lovingly into one another’s eyes, almost as if entranced with their love for eachother.

Jane jumped as there was a sudden knock on the door, startled at the loud noise. Will patted her arm, “I’ve got it, hon. Don’t bother yourself with it.” He got up, taking the dirty dishes and setting them in the sink before going to the door to see who had knocked.

Jane glanced at her watch and frowned slightly, “Who in the world would be knocking on our door at almost 7 in the morning?” She got up and started heading for the door, but as she got into the hallway, she watched Will slip out the door and caught sight of what looked like someone dressed in red. Her curiosity piqued, she went to the door to peer through the peephole. All she could make out was the back of Will’s head. Jane could barely make out the sounds of whispering, but couldn’t make out any words of what was whispered between the two. Frowning, she resigned herself to getting ready for work for the day.

As she was getting ready to head out the door, her bag in hand, Will came back inside looking flustered. Jane stood there in the hallway that led to the door, hand on her hip with a stern look on her face as she eyed her husband.

So, who was that?” She asked, sounding casual and aloof, though her tone, facial, and bodily language showed just how irritated she was.

Oh it was a wrong door.” He said, paniced as he looked at his wife, gauging her reaction.

Right.” Was all she responded with and swiftly pushed her way past him and out the door. She didn’t even pause to say goodbye as she grabbed her keys and got into her car to drive to her office.

All in a huff, she ran through a red light on accident, her mind being elsewhere. Her usual forty minute commute to work only took her twenty-five minutes, there having been little to no traffic and her lead foot having taken over in her silent rage. She punched in at the clock then went to her desk to review her schedule for the day.

She had three houses to show, one was a simple little house, a small two bedroom one bath, nice fireplace in the livingroom. It was a basic essentials home for a starting family, or for a couple planning to create their own family. Another house was a standard three bedroom one and a half bath with dine in kitchen, loads of counter space and a living room and family room. The final house was one that she had been handed recently. It was sort of run down and definitely a fixer-upper. The last tenant of the house had left it in ill-repair, water leaks and some of the electrical work needed repairing. She groaned, but suddenly felt relieved when she saw the person who she was showing it to had registered that they were single and a handyman, looking for property to really dig his heels into and fix. It was the perfect set, a handyman and a fixer-upper house.

Jane wasn’t expected at her first showing for another hour or two, so she set to work on the paperwork for the Perri family house. Her frustration of the morning having fueled her, she finished the paperwork in half the time. Now all she needed to do was wait until after showing the first house for the appointment to sign the finalized documents and get them a face to face with her boss to seal the deal and get the deed to the house. Her appointment with the Darrens wasn’t until tomorrow, so their paperwork could wait until she left for the night.


Chapter 1 is almost complete in this little story I’m writing! Let me know what you think so far in the comments below.

Love Lorn PT10

Jane watched as Will pulled out of the driveway, waving goodbye. It was her last day off work, and tomorrow she began the ever relentless grind yet again. She was one of the top realtors at her location, but something about greeting smiling happy families day in and day out sort of made her feel as though she were missing something. Of course, she would never tell Will that she wanted to start a family. Jane had been waiting for Will to bring it up, but unbeknownst to her, he has been waiting for her. 

As she walked back inside, she went to the couch and turned on the television to see if there was anything interesting on at 7am. Much to her chagrin, all that was on was boring soap operas. She had no interest in them, they always had someone cheating on someone, somebody getting pregnant, or someone framed for some crime by someone no one else would of suspected. Becoming bored by the television already, she got up and went to the kitchen. 

When Jane got into the kitchen, it was clean. All the dishes were done, counters wiped down, floor was pristine. She couldn’t think of a thing to do in there. It was almost noon, and she had no idea what to do with her day. Suddenly an idea struck her with the swiftness of a lightning strike. She put on a kettle for tea then went into the garage to look for her easel. While rummaging about, she found her old oil pastels. Soon after, she found her easel, still stocked with Mi-Teintes she had bought the month previous. Grabbing her easel, she went out around the house to their backyard and began setting up.

After getting her materials set up and a small table fitted with a dozen napkins to set her pastels on, she started to look for something to draw. Her eyes were drawn to a little apple tree that had started dropping its fruit. Inspired by the beauty of the tree and its fruit, both fallen and still ripe on the tree, she began drawing the tree’s elegance. As she drew the outline of the tree in its vibrant colors, the multi-toned leaves and its soft brown trunk, the picture starting taking shape on originally blank paper. Using one of the many napkins she had brought out, she started coloring in the tree, using the napkins to add texture and shading. 

She had been drawing the tree for what felt like minutes, but had really been almost an hour. Once she had gotten the tree how she thought it looked best, she began starting on the bushes that lined the fenced in yard. Some of the bushes in the yard were looking worse for wear, but she pushed on. Soon the Mi-Teintes paper was full of life, vibrant and beautiful as she made the grass come alive. A squirrel appeared in the yard by one of the walnut trees, her hand moving as she watched the creature eat one of the fallen nuts. 

Jane kept at it, drawing more details as time drew on. Finally completed with her yard, she began onto the sky. It had started changing colors as the sun was beginning to set. She drew in the hues of red and orange as they filled the sky, getting the sun just peeking over the tree tops far in the distance. As she finished with the sky, she added in some shading to match the scene before her. She had spent the entire day outside drawing her yard and its beauty, so filled with life and nature. Looking at her picture she had made, she smiled fondly. 

Getting everything outside had been easy, but now it was becoming night and her eyes were heavy as she took everything inside, one at a time. She set the picture on the table in the kitchen, then gathered up her easel and her oil pastels, returning them to the garage. Throwing away the used napkins, she put the remaining clean ones back in the kitchen drawer. Jane gathered up the little end table she had borrowed from the living room and brought it back inside, setting it in the corner between the two couches.

Looking at the time, she saw it was nearly 7pm. She groaned, not feeling up to the task of cooking anything or being on her feet anymore for the day. Jane flopped backwards on the couch in a heap, reached over and grabbed the remote off the coffee table and turned the television on once more. After a while of browsing the channels, she finally found a movie that looked interesting. It was a sci-fi movie about a child who had gotten separated from their family while on vacation and had made friends with a tiny alien that liked to sit on his head. Not even halfway through the movie, and Jane was sound asleep.

It wasn’t until 8:37pm that Will got home, and when he arrived, he assumed his dear wife was still awake. As he got out of the car, he rummaged in the car for his lunch box and his briefcase. After a moment, he had both and went inside. 

Hon, I’m home.” He called as he entered the house. There was no reply, so he began looking around the house.

His first stop was the kitchen. Upon setting down his briefcase and lunch box on the counter, his attention was immediately drawn to the picture Jane had drawn and he smiled. “That’s a lovely picture you made, hon. Where are you?” He asked as he went into the living room.

Will chuckled as he saw her on the couch passed out. Gently taking the remote from her, he turned off the television and set it on the coffee table. He picked her up and carried her off to the bedroom, laying her down gently. Will took her shoes off, then her socks and covered her with the blanket. He gently kissed her forehead and whispered softly into her ear, “I love you, my dear Jane. Just you wait, I’ve a big surprise for you.


Love Lorn

Love Lorn PT9

All that could be heard was Will laughing from the bedroom. Jane turned to her friends, “I think I’m about to make myself a widow.” She stood up and dusted herself off, took a napkin to clean the mess from her face and ran down the hall to her bedroom, leaving her friends sitting there giggling.

Well, I for one don’t want to be a witness to murder.” Charleen joked as she gathered herself. “I think it is time we take our leave, ladies.” Grinning at the girls who were still having fits of giggles.

If not a witness, how about an accessory?” Bev chided, laughing loudly.

Lisa shrugged, “I don’t have anything else going on, why not?” 

I for one would rather not, I’m quite sure my husband would be quite peeved.” Amber piped up, snickering.

Quite positive Jane can do this on her own.” Charleen snickered, “Plus, I’m positive my husband is wondering where I’ve been off to all day. He never can find my notes.

The ladies packed their belongings and departed the house. As they were leaving, they could hear both Jane and Will laughing from inside.

Jane and Will were in their room, Jane trying to wrestle the camera away from her husband and him barely managing to keep his balance enough to keep it from her. 

Come on, give it here!” She yelled.

Not by the hair of my chiny chin chin.” He laughed, “You’ll never reach it.

She tried to jump on him but ended up falling and landing on her bottom, “You better give it back, darn it all!

The whole while she was trying to get the camera from him, he was slyly moving the photo over to the memory card. Once it was confirmed it was on the memory card, he popped out the small disc and tossed the camera into the air.

Catch!” He called out and watched as she dived for it. As soon as he saw it in her hands, he ran from the room for the kitchen, laughing. Will hid the memory card under a rarely used glass on top of the cabinets, then bolted for the door from the kitchen to the garage.

When Jane realized that the photo wasn’t there to be deleted, she stood up and chased after him. “William Donovan Harrol! You’re a dead man!” She could hear his feet echoing as he was running through the kitchen, she followed the sound and came into the kitchen just in time to see him ducking out and into the garage. Will barely managed to close the garage door before she got to it, making her collide with the garage door. He could hear an “Ohmph!” from the other side of the door as she hit it. 

Will, you better open this door!” Jane hollered through the door.

Not on my life, my sweet Jane.” he chuckled, “I value my life too much.

Obviously you don’t since you took that picture of me!” She pounded on the door with her fist, “Open up!

Nope.” was the simple reply. Will was grinning to himself, enjoying the rare moment of catching her in a compromising position.

Uhg, I’m going to bed.” Jane said, frustratedly. She stood up and stormed off to the bedroom and dismissed getting dressed for bed. She flung herself onto the bed then curled into the blankets, quickly falling asleep as she was exhausted from the events of the day.

Jane dear, wake up.” Will softly called to her through the locked bedroom door.

Go away!” She yelled back, throwing one of the pillows at the door which hit the floor with a soft thud.

I made you an omelet for breakfast.” He said through the door, “You sure you won’t get up?

What kind of omelet?” She asked, lifting her head from the bed, curious.

Ham and cheese with chives, your favorite.” He said, the smile on his face evident in his voice.

Fine, I’ll get up.” Jane mumbled barely loud enough for him to hear. She got out of bed and took a shower, then changed into a fresh clean outfit for the day. Unlocking the bedroom door, she headed to the kitchen where the aroma of the omelet met her. Will was busy with plating the omelet, grabbed a fork and placed it on the table.

Good morning, sleepy head.” He smiled warmly.

Morning to you too, husband who still might die.” She looked at him with the faintest hint of contempt, masking her playful grin. “All depends on how good this omelet is.

I promise only the freshest ingredients went into making it, and it is seasoned to perfection.” Will said, beaming.

She took a bite of the omelet and raised a brow, took another bite then nodded. Clearing her throat, “You’ll live.” Nodding in confirmation, she finished eating. Once done, she got up to clean her dishes, but Will stopped her, “Tsk” he grabbed the dishes from her then cleaned them himself.

I have to work today, but you enjoy the last day of your weekend, hon.” He smiled at her, kissed her forehead then headed for the door. As he was picking up his keys from the bowl, he heard her coming up from behind him. 

Jane wrapped her arms around him from behind in an embrace, “Thank you for last night. It was fun.” she said softly.

I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.” He replied, placing a hand over hers. Turning to face her, he gave a gentle loving kiss on the lips, “Have a nice relaxing day, hon.

I’ll do my best.” She smiled. “You do know you could have unlocked the bedroom door at any time, right?” her brow raising.

Oh, I know. I had, but when I came in, you were sleeping so peacefully and had taken over the entire bed.” Will chuckled, “I didn’t want to disturb your beauty rest.” He kissed her forehead once again, “I’ll see you after work.


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Love Lorn