So Freaking Awesome

So, as some may know from reading previous blogs of mine, I’m not that into buying things for myself especially not clothing. Well, a week ago I decided to buy a brand new spankin’ pair of JNCO Jeans because I loved them when I was a kid growing up and I had lost my originals. I found the pair of my dreams on JNCO Jeans‘ website, took my measurements and immediately ordered myself a pair. Boy howdy were they delivered quick, I got them within three days of purchase! I was over the moon, beyond ecstatic and jumping for joy when I got the package.


I was so excited to put them on, I opened the package and quickly put them on. They fit like a dream!


Oh wait, except one part… The crotch. They fit me everywhere except the one place I’ve never dreamed of not fitting a pair of pants, and that was the most inconvenient place ever. They weren’t dreadfully uncomfortable, they fit but were just a tad too snug for my liking. I talked to my husband about it, then immediately got on the site and talked with someone there. They were amazing! After some thinking, and a while after the conversation, I contacted them through Facebook to see if there was any way to exchange them for a size up.


My main fear was that getting a size up, they’d be too big on me but I could always wear a pair of boxers or a belt, right? The amazing people at JNCO through Facebook let me know that I could send them back with a note requesting a size up, so I promptly did. Sent it back in its original packaging, with a note on the original invoice asking if they could send back a pair of the same pants but a size up just this past Monday and today I received the replacement pair. Oh my goodness they are so comfortable, and getting a size up didn’t affect the fit but in fact made them feel more relaxed and fitting! I took them out for a test drive, and haven’t stopped wearing them since I got them in the mail and I have got to say, the people at JNCO Jeans really know what they’re doing with their clothing line!


The quality of the clothing combined with their amazing offers and prices, and mixed with their superb and quick customer support make JNCO one of the best companies I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. JNCO Jeans not only offered to replace the pair, but they got them to me quickly and there was no hassle what so ever. All in all, if you’re looking for a good sturdy comfortable pair of new jeans, I highly recommend giving JNCO Jeans a shot. They have all kinds of mens jeans and shorts as well as womens jeans too and they’re still expanding!

A Home Essential

Growing up, most have fond memories of delightful mornings of fresh warm breakfasts. Be it eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, hash browns, or cream of wheat. I remember my most favorite breakfast foods was pretty much everything my mom made, meanwhile school lunches that were comprised of the same items seemed dull and listless, almost as if they were missing key ingredients to make them amazing. One thing that was for sure was that our home had a griddle. One of the most utilized cooking instruments in the world because it can cook so much and is so easy to clean.


As a mother myself I have finally realized the amazing potential of a griddle and it’s limitless possibilities. I had been craving a griddle to make amazing breakfasts for my girls for some while, and one day back in late December or early January of this year, my mom gave me the greatest news ever. She found the perfect griddle for me that would suit all my needs. It cooks pretty much everything your heart could hope for. The problem was, the griddle at that time was sold out! Low and behold, about a week or two later, I was greeted with amazing news. I was getting my very own Presto Griddle with Warming Tray and I was over the moon. No more making pancakes 1 at a time using a standard pan, no more taking an hour to make my husband’s beloved salmon patties, and best of all, lunch time grilled cheese sandwiches could be made quickly and to that perfectly golden hue color. I have used this bad baby at least 4 times a week every week, it is by far the most used item in my kitchen aside from my coffee pot. 


I have used other griddles in the past, and I have even used my in-laws griddle when staying with them for a while but… The clean up was a drag, you had to oil or butter the griddle prior to use and it just made for messy food and a messier clean up… It was unpleasant and made making breakfast such a drag! The griddle my mom had gotten me though? Absolutely fantastic. I can make up to 9 pancakes at once, 4 to 6 grilled cheeses, and the warming tray is fantastic at keeping food at a respectively warm temperature. Even after having it for over a month it heats up easily and quickly, it cooks evenly and it makes the best pancakes a kid could dream of. 


If you are looking for something amazing that you can use multiple times a week and basically make your pans useless, makes breakfast more efficient so you can spend more time with your loved ones and make plenty for them to eat all at the same time, I highly recommend one of these bad boys because you won’t regret it. My mom gave it to me as a gift and even she is happy with it because she gets to enjoy seeing her baby make amazing amounts of fantastic breakfast food for her grandbabies. What more could a mother want?

A Stunning Review

Okay, so.. I was told something I could do for entertainment purposes is review some things that I thoroughly enjoy. When the idea was originally brought up, I was confused. My reaction? What in the world could I possibly review that would be eye catching, and what in the world would I say about something that would be blog worthy? That was when it hit me. Something that I love, that my kids also thoroughly enjoy is our Baby Trend 2-In-1 Double Stroller that converts to a Sit and Stand for older kids.


Now… I’ve seen my fair share of strollers, and owned a few too. This stroller has to be by far the best I’ve ever seen and ever owned. The kids enjoy it immensely and my eldest daughter has actually grown big enough that we converted the back seat into the Sit and Stand already. She freaking adores it. The darn thing is so easy to pack up, set up, and get ready for going down the road that I managed to put it together myself in a matter of minutes. It is also very convenient. It comes with 2 basic seats, two shades, and two trays one for each child. It also has ample storage down below which, trust me when I say ample, I mean ample. Not only is it gorgeous and cute, but it is very practical. The darn thing has lasted me a while, coming up on two years actually. Not had any complaints or issues with it, the wheels work fine, and the undercarriage has never dropped anything. I use it frequently when the kids have doctors appointments and the likes.


This stroller has literally been a life saver for a mom like me who enjoys the great out doors and loves going for walks. The undercarriage removes the need for a diaper bag, as you can easily store whatever you need to bring with you below the kids with ease. It even has a flip top storage compartment for the parents in the handle bar area, along with cup holders for those coffee savvy folk. It takes bumps in stride and I’ve never had my drinks spill on me while traveling on gravely terrain. To all my fellow moms out there, and dads who need something to carry your delightful bundles of joy, this would be my personal recommendation for you. I’ve never owned a more trustworthy and magnificent stroller, it makes taking the kids out for a walk a breeze!