Summer Essentials By A Pasty Lady

Todays challenge from Suze in her 7 Days Of Summer Challenge is about your top three summer essentials for every summer. So I’m going to write, obviously, about the three things that are a must have for me during every summer since I can remember.

july challenge

Sunscreen : Copious amounts of it, otherwise I’ll burn. No one wants to see me running around looking like a lobster with boils, so I absolutely must have my sunscreen. SPF 100+, or as my husband fondly calls it, latex paint.


Parasol : Even though I use sunscreen, I still need protection for my head and I’m not very fond of hats. So in order to save my scalp and prevent me from getting sun poisoning, a parasol like the one Abby Sciuto has from NCIS is a positively magnificent must. Not only does it save my poor scalp, but it is perfectly fashionable!


Tennis Shoes : Now who would ever forget about the most important thing ever? Foot wear! Tennis Shoes are one of my most worn wardrobe items, and I couldn’t survive any kind of weather without them, especially not the summer time. Tennis shoes allow me to go gallivanting about without hurting my feet and exposing them to all those icky UV rays of doom.


These are my 3 must have summer essentials for every summer, what are yours?

A Perfect Summer Day

So according to Suze and her 7 Days Of Summer Challenge, today’s request is about either a day you’ve had that was perfect during summer or what you fantasize to be your perfect summer day. I’m personally going with what I fantasize to be my perfect summer day. 

july challenge

A perfect summer day for me would be a day I don’t have to worry about copious amounts of sun screen, even though the sun is blazing brightly. I wouldn’t have to cook, or clean anything. I would get to be free of the confines of my little enclosure with no cares in the world other than what I’m going to do that day. A perfect summer day would have absolutely no bitey bugs like mosquitoes, I dislike those blimey buggers. 


A perfect summer day would start with getting to sleep in, only to be woken to breakfast in bed to the smell of fresh pancakes, sausage, eggs, and some orange juice to accompany my morning coffee. The next step to a perfect summer day after such a delightfully filling breakfast to start the day would be a relaxing bubble bath with lavender bubbles and bath salts, and french vanilla candles, accompanied by a good book to read for at least half an hour to an hour. After a nice bath and some quality reading, snuggling with my family on the couch to watch a movie would be absolutely amazing. Once we finish the movie, guests would arrive. None other than my three favorite internet fems, Angie, Suze, and the Geekette Stephy. We’d have a blast playing board games like Cards Against Humanity, in which I’d have everyone falling onto the floor from giggling till they’re gasping for air as I read in my best commentator voice. We would end the night with a big feast of lasagna, with green beans, and some peach cobbler, then my friends would go home. Kids would get put to sleep, and the hubby and I would cuddle on the couch watching an episode of a geeky show we enjoy and fall asleep, snuggled in each others arms.


That, to me, would be a perfect summer day.

A Dream Vacation

Day 1 of Suze’s Seven Days Of Summer challenge! So from what I gather, we’re supposed to either write about an awesome vacation we’ve been on, or our dream vacation. Obviously I am writing about my Dream Vacation that I hope to one day have become a reality.


july challenge


So my dream vacation would be a little strange… My dream vacation would be to a nice calm climate area, surrounded by all my favorite people. The list is rather short, but filled with people I adore. Maybe Scotland or Ireland, or even the outskirts of Sweden. The reason for such lush grassy places is because my dream vacation would be filled with picnics and laughter, joyous smiles and rough housing. I adore the very idea of every meal being eaten as a picnic, a big plush area of grass to sit on as we are surrounded by the beauty and harmony that is nature while surrounded by people I both love and adore. That, to me, would be a dream vacation come true. No politics, no stress, no worry, and most importantly, no freaking work. 


In my head, I see it as beautiful sunrise greeting me and those I care about as we settle down to have a breakfast picnic, a startlingly beautiful mid-day sun peak as we flop down for lunch, and the most gorgeous sunset as we settle in for dinner. Surrounded by wildlife, birds, deer, chipmunks, squirrels, and whatever other animals might be near by. To me, that is a truly perfect dream vacation.

GCD 13&14


I missed yesterdays Grateful Challenge post, in part to I was very exhausted and mentally unable to really focus on much aside from two seconds behind and two seconds forward. Since today is literally the last day of the challenge, I thought I’d do things a little differently. I am going to list a whole plethora of things I’m grateful for.


  • My girls : without them, I wouldn’t smile nearly as much.
  • My husband : without him, I wouldn’t be where I am nor would I be remotely close to as happy as I am right now, and how much happier I will be tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. He always stands by my side on whatever endeavor I decide to pursue.
  • My mother : she gave me everything she possibly could, and there’ll never be a person in the world I’m more grateful for than my mom.
  • Suze : she introduced me to her blog then convinced me to blog too. She always makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she brings me joy and she shows me love. If I had the choice to have 2 mothers, I’d definitely want her to be my second mommy. Love the woman to bits and pieces, I just wish sometimes she would realize her own worth. Then again, I’ve been barking up that tree with my own mother and she still doesn’t see it!
  • Stephy : a mutual friend of mine and Suze’s, she is that really cool aunt who knows the answer to like everything in the entire world. Though I don’t know if she’s really old enough to be my aunt, so she can just be my sister. Yup, forcibly adopting someone, she’s just that awesome.
  • Angie : She makes me giggle until I snort, and she hasn’t figured out just how much alike Suze and I are, so it always makes for a gas of a time when Suze and I double team her with our crazy!
  • Things I’ll always be grateful for that aren’t people
    • Waking up. Not everyone gets that opportunity.
    • Grass. I love how it smells when freshly cut, and how it feels on my feet.
    • Sun shine. I may have a bad track record with it but I love it!
    • Food and water. Who isn’t grateful to have stuff in their belly?
    • Coffee. You’d be dead if I didn’t have coffee.
    • Trees and other botanical things. They’re beautiful and shame on you for not being grateful for them!
    • Nature in its entirety. Without it, we wouldn’t be here.
    • Home. I’ve spent the past few years feeling like I had no where to call home. Home isn’t just where you lay your head, it’s where you feel at peace, safe within its walls. I love my home, and am grateful to of found it.
    • Electricity and proper plumbing. That should just be a given but some forget just how great it is to have electricity and a good plumbing system that works.
    • Fence / Gating. It allows children to roam safely and freely without getting hurt. I ordered a baby fence so that we can go outside and enjoy the summer!
    • Life! So many are deprived the opportunity at life, and granted yes I’m pro-choice because I’ve been in a life threatening situation myself, but my heart breaks for the lives that begin only to be ended too soon. There are so many children and infants who’ve had someone deprive them of the chance at life, so every day I am grateful for mine. It might not be perfect by the standards of others who are looking in, but to me it is the best life a person could ask for.

GCD 12


Welcome to day twelve of the Grateful Challenge, started here at Sunken Thought by yours truly, the master of insanity. I’d like to throw a thank you out to my friend Suze who has joined me on this Grateful Journey!


Today’s list of things I’m grateful for!


  • My husbands job : My husband works for Toyota Motor Manufacturing, and honestly they’ve got to be the best place to work in all the world. Or at least in the top 5. There was an incident that blocked off the main road yesterday, which made it so my husband literally couldn’t get into work at all, period. Now those that recall, he had a big league of absence from work not that long ago, thankfully it was covered by the company and the third party insurance that covers workmans comp, so he still got paid and it didn’t take his vacation or sick days! So he was able to call in yesterday which turned out to be eventful!
  • Off Broadway Shoes : I’m not a big clothing/shoe buying kind of person, but by George, when you need a decent pair of shoes, it sure is nice to know there are places to go to get a good versatile pair that’ll last you a while! In our adventures yesterday, we found out that the kiddo we kidnapped from the in-laws place last night did not have any decent shoes to go with her skirt she was wearing. I was very disappointed at her absolute lack of coordination, as she was wearing the most ridiculous looking pair of thong-flip flops I’d ever seen. They reminded me of cotton candy, and not in a good way. End result? She ended up getting a much needed pair of classy flats with a tiny wedge heel.
  • Sun Set : I don’t know why, but the world just looks so beautiful during sunrise and sunset. There’s just something about sitting on the porch step watching the sky change as the sun begins to wake for the day, or being in the car watching as the sun goes to sleep for the night. It is mystically beautiful, and so often I’ve wished I could capture a good picture of it. Truly, it is a magical sight. 

GCD 11


I’m sort of sad to think that after today, there are only 3 days left in the Grateful Challenge. That is fine though, I can always do another challenge later on! Well, I guess onto the things I’m grateful for today.


  • Closets : Last night was absolutely terrifying. I was literally horrified because the storm alerts were going off and I had notifications that there was a tornado that’d touched down not too far off from where I live. I think I handled it pretty well. 
  • Non-Perishable Snacks and Quick Fix Meals : In my preparedness, I brought with me some snacks to keep the kids occupied if they got hungry, depending how long the blasted weather remained horrific. Tried to be top notch on preparedness and now I’m convinced I need a bunker/bomb shelter/severe weather shelter fully stocked with at least two weeks worth of non-perishable and or easy to open canned goods, a few dozen sets of plastic silverware, enough clean water and disposable wipes to ensure we can at least clean ourselves and hydrate ourselves for a minimum of two weeks. Yup, full blown Cheeki-Breeki over here!

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  • Music : After everything I’ve been through, the last thing I’m grateful for today is music. It gives me the ability to clear my head, stop thinking, and just enjoy a moment or two to myself. It is amazing.

GCD 10


Welcome to day 10 of the on-going Grateful Challenge! Today, I’m going to be sharing some adorable pictures, something that really just strikes up that “Awe, so cute” thought in the back of ones brain! Then I’ll go about the challenge itself.

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Now for what I’m grateful for!

  • Bedtime : One of my favorite times of the day is story time, right before bed time. The photos are of my sweet sleeping angles, having passed out after story time. Aren’t they just the sweetest?
  • Melatonin : The night before last night, I didn’t get much of diddly for sleep, so last night as soon as I saw for sure that the girls were asleep, I threw some melatonin down my throat to ensure a peaceful nights sleep! Hooray for melatonin!
  • Morning Routine Changes : Usually my morning is me with the kids. I have to wake up, brush my teeth, then tend to the kids. This morning, my husband was awake when I woke up, and without me asking, offered to help get the girls ready for breakfast while I brushed my teeth! That was one heck of a pleasant surprise. 


So what are you grateful for today? 



Welcome to todays Grateful Challenge post! It is day 9 of 14, 5 days left after today! I’m very pleased with my little challenge, even if only one other person was brave enough to join me.


Things I am grateful for today!

  • Facebook : Without Facebook I wouldn’t have the amazing friends I have now. Those amazing friends being Suze, Stephy, and Angie, cuz everything has to be in 3’s! (Told you I was stealing this, Suze! HAHA!)
  • WordPress : Oh my gosh how many different ways could I possibly be grateful for WordPress?! SO MANY! I’ve literally had so much fun just writing out my thoughts and what goes on in my head, and sharing parts of my family with all you stalkers. It brings a smile to my face every time someone learns something from my posts, or when my posts bring a smile to their faces.
  • NetFlix : The sweet serenity of NetFlix and its billions of shows, episodes, and movies are without a doubt one of the best inventions of the world. For only $10 a month, I have unlimited access to my most favorite shows, my kids most favorite shows, all without causing mayhem and more clutter than I need. Often a NetFlix binge ends up with me sitting on the couch, a baby on either side of me, snuggling into my side. Precious moments like that, they make the world a better place.

GCD 7 & 8


I will be combining days 7 and 8 of the Grateful Challenge, in part to the fact that they both have a lot to do with one another and I took a day off for me yesterday.


I am grateful for my husband’s parents, who came over to do two things. They came to help with fixing up the kids’ bedroom which they’ve been working tirelessly to destroy, and to also take the kids for the night so mommy could get some much needed alone time to relax and not think for one night.


I am grateful for my husband having realized and acted when I felt like I was losing my gosh darn bloody mind, without him knowing me as well as he does, I doubt I would have gotten such a restful nights sleep. He truly is my yin to my yang.


I am ever so grateful for pizza hut, of which was suggested by my loving husband and was a mere afterthought in my mind until he brought it up. Saved me from standing on my feet for anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to make twice baked spaghetti, and to top it off, the pizza was delicious! (I had a bacon stuffed crust pizza with garlic Parmesan sauce, with grilled chicken and extra cheese. Super delicious, and only $14!)


I am grateful for my kids grandparents’ understanding of the fact that when they arrived, I was literally just hoping out of bed and had slapped on yesterdays clothes in order to answer the door before they knocked. They helped me out with the kids and even allowed me a short reprieve so I could have a cup of coffee and my first cigarette of the day before losing my mind.


I am grateful for the abilities that technology gives us. While my kids were away, grandma and grandpa had them playing in the pool and having oodles of fun. Thanks to todays advancements in technology, I was able to receive pictures of the kids playing in the pool and see their delightedly happy little faces from my sister-in-law. It put my mind at ease, and helped me drift off to sleep.


Finally, the last thing I’m grateful for today was the ability to sleep in a couple hours later than usual. Granted I’m still semi-groggy and it’s past noon, I can already feel the cogs and wheels functioning in my brain. Honestly, that extra sleep and the fact that I fell asleep cuddled to my big girls fluffy pink dog and my lil buggies wuvvy…. I think I woke up feeling ten million times better.



Welcome to Day 6 of the Grateful Challenge. There are far too many things to list so I will condense it down a bit.


Today I am grateful for my Marie Bean, whose pitiful cries for a nap turned into sleepy sweet requests for special mommy cuddles. The cuddles were ended with pleas for more night night kisses. She really knows how to melt a mommies heart. Not long after, both girls were blissfully asleep and dreaming. Nap time lead to me having some relaxing time for myself, which gave me time to write a bit for my blog.


Today I am thankful for the sweetness that my husband exhibits, which was shown today in his generosity in letting me take a nap and look after the kids for me even though it is fathers day. Without that nao, I’m not sure I would be awake and pleasant right now. Somehow he always goes a step up and beyond what I expect of him. He even did the laundry and got some shopping done!


The final thing on my grateful list today is I am grateful for Lowe’s paint match department and their superbly low prices. My girls have been troublesome in the fact that they have peeled paint from their bedroom wall and their closet, which are two different colors of paint. Lowe’s matched the paint chips and got us gallon of each for only $40 together and they had the L brackets I wanted that went with my shelves! So in total my husband only spent $50 at Lowe’s for paint and L brackets! What a steal of a deal!