What Could Be

There are a lot of pressing topics that have been clouding my mind as of late, one of which being the government’s unseemingly distasteful desire to meddle with policies they have no clue about. Obama Care may have given coverage to people who otherwise would be denied due to preexisting conditions, but it also made low-mid tier and mid tier employees pay more for medicaid that they didn’t have. Why these people pay for something they don’t use to begin with is beyond me. My children don’t go to school but we still pay school zone tax, we have never had state assistance yet we still pay for state assistance programs. Medicaid is great for those who don’t work or work just little enough that they’re not taxed for it, but the income levels who do pay for it struggle to provide for their family because of the taxes they are forced to pay. 


The problem isn’t so much government meddling though, it’s medical coverage as a whole. No human being should be able to be denied or charged more for medical coverage, or for medical care. In my opinion, there should be a flat-rate that is seen as the acceptable median for any and all procedures. If an individual is born with a heart or lung condition, that should not stop them from getting coverage or receiving medical attention. Period. They’re human just like all of us. This does not however mean that everyone else should pay for their medical needs. Being an individual who grew up with a metabolism issue as well as a mental disorder or two, I know it isn’t easy taking care of someone who has medical needs. I recall my first ever medical bill as an adult, I had swallowed my tongue ring like a fool and ended up with ambulance, er visit, doctor and x-ray charges I had to pay. All that accumulated to over $5,000 just for a simple accident like swallowing a tongue ring. 


At the time, I had no medical coverage. I didn’t really need it because I’d learned to manage my conditions. Some conditions can’t be managed though, and that is where my stance comes from. Medical coverage should not be mandatory, but optional. Medical coverage should not be paid for through the taxes of those who slave away at work all day every day, but should be paid for either by the individual or by the state on a case by case basis. Forcing a copay on people is understandable but it should be reasonable. A person who has to take management medications, or long term medications should not be made to pay a copay that makes going without seem a better option. Many low income families can’t afford a $50-$75 copay just to visit a doctor to get a refill on a $40 prescription. 


Because of all the hoodwinking and backstabbing means of charging people extra, I personally gave up on a prescription that was helping me. The cost of health coverage alone makes me wish that I would spontaneously die because the idea of being a financial burden fills me with anger, depression, and a sense of uselessness. Many others out there feel the same way, even though the only person financially responsible for me is my husband. He works tireless hours day in and day out, but even then, the raise that happened to my medication thanks to obama care and the medical company my husband uses through his work, my medication is no longer covered and I would have had to pay full price. 


So all you out there who think that Obama Care was great, keep in mind that there are people like me who have chosen to stop their medication due to the horrors wrought by his bill. Trump’s bill is horrible as well, but I honestly rather be ill than pay almost as much for my medication as I do for my electric bill. Medical coverage will always be a disaster so long as there is no free market.

Pure Insanity

Throughout history it has been proven time and time again that immigration without assimilation is by definition a sign of hostility, the first steps to a full on invasion and the beginnings of a takeover. By definition, immigration with no intent to immerse themselves into the culture they’re moving into is a means of eradicating the original culture by which they’ve been granted access to. This is precisely how nations fall and countries become disenfranchised. They see the powers that be, not enforcing their nation’s laws, letting people run rampant and unchecked. To cry for open borders would be to support the extinction of a nation, the extinction of differences in cultures, in truth it is the extinction of diversity.

Image result for immigration without assimilation

Just take a look at what happened when our forefathers came to this nation. It was a takeover, not a peaceful assimilation, there was no immersion, no cohesion between the Native Indians that we dubbed Native Indians. We labeled them as barbarians, savages, and we took over with little effort. How often do you see a Native Indian anymore? It’s not often, I’m betting. They may not have had any laws regarding immigration, but that didn’t make what we did any better. Now here we are, centuries down the line, we are allowing what we did to the Natives of the land to happen to us even though it goes against our own laws that have been in place for years.


I’ve always been under the impression that laws were intended to be enforced, that this land was our home. I thought letting people into our country ought to be viewed as the same as letting people into our very own personal home. Everyone has their own rules for their individual homes. I’m quite certain if someone walked into your home, made a mess, demanded that you change your routine to fit their lifestyle even though you don’t believe or live that lifestyle, well I’m rather positive that you wouldn’t accept it. Why on earth you want the nation to pay for those who won’t assimilate, who won’t learn the language of our nation, the logic is beyond me. Is there even any logic in your thought process?


Every time I see people crying out for the protection of those who refuse to become apart of America, when I see others claiming that deportation of illegal residents is inhumane, it makes me wonder. If you love these individuals, these law breakers, these detestable human beings who have no care for the rights of the average American, why don’t you let them stay at your house? Why don’t you foot the bill for their personal well being and their shelter? Why don’t you allow your home to be torn asunder, your beliefs or lack there of be questioned under your own roof, your food thrown away because it doesn’t fit into their religious beliefs.


I know I won’t. I am a law abiding citizen of America. I am a resident. This is my country, this is my home, have some respect.

Off The Reservation

I’m not quite sure why I ever expect the world to suddenly wise up and realise the things that I’ve already come to understand, but for some reason I always hold out hope that the coming day will reveal to me that some of the ignorance has left us. Sadly, today is definitely not one of those days. One of the very few people I keep in contact with from my school days shared with me a link to a post that has literally made me want to vomit. I have to stop and ask myself though, when did human civility and morals take a back seat so much that something like this could become a reality? It’s like they took a giant catapult, aimed it at all that is morally right with the world and missed bigger than the whole of America!


Scientifically if a person gets a taste of something that they like, such as playing a game on beta, once the real version comes out, they’ll do anything they can within their power to get it. Ideas like are presented in the article are only going to ensure that more children are hurt, more lives destroyed, more souls crushed and the mentality will only continue to dwindle. 


You might be asking yourself, “Didn’t you say you were abused as a kid?” Yes, but I was fortunate to have a strong, vital, compassionate, and very primally protective mother. She fought like you wouldn’t believe, but not all parents are as strong or amazing as my mom. There are some moms who dismiss their children’s claims of abuse, in some cases it becomes the norm to them and end up recreating the same abuse when they have their own families. For victims who get started on before they’re old enough to know right from wrong, it can become imprinted on them that it is acceptable within the confines of one’s home. It just recreates a vicious cycle of abuse that never ends.


Ideas like those expressed in the article ought not be a reality. They will only delay the inevitable and could potentially make it even more dangerous to whomever the predator decides to make their victim. The amount of abhorrent disgust I feel cannot truly be fathomed, the sheer screaming going on in my own head is barely decipherable at this point and it’s in my own gosh darn mind. For the link in question, click here to read the article.

Brain Spasm!

When I got up today, I’d had high hopes for todays prompt. I snuck a peek at it when it came time for the prompt to post, but I was immediately dismayed! The daily prompt today is “adrift“, which for me is a nautical word. If you don’t know what nautical is, I feel bad for you. My deepest condolences. I digress though, I’ve nothing in my history past, present, or future, that has anything to do with things of a nautical nature. I don’t own a boat, I’ve never been on a boat, and to be quite frank, my fear of water probably will prevent me from ever being on a boat.

Yes, I am afraid of water. The very idea of being adrift at sea (I’ve had nightmares about that, so don’t laugh at me!) is terrifying! You could run out of food, fresh drinkable water that wouldn’t cause you to dehydrate, things to talk about! You could run out of intelligence, too. I fear that’s what has happened across most of the world, at least. Got lost at sea, just drifting along, all adrift like and such. That must be how they lost their ever lovin’ minds!

So instead of going on about how stupid people are these days, I decided to share some cuteness instead. Babies are adorable, so I made a couple photo montages using my beloved Google Photos application! May you find yourselves adrift in a sea of adorable. Enjoy. 

On The Edge

As of late, I’ve felt as though I stood on a precipice, of the metaphorical sort of course. You see, I’ve had a decision which has needed to be made for some time. The options are boorish and mundane, but the result will be my ultimate delight. I need to set myself as a role model for my children, in doing such I need to also show them the example of how one conducts themselves.


I’ve mentioned in the past how I’ve no filter, I fly by the wind and let my tongue do all the leg work while my brain focuses on more important and vital problems. That is where my issue lays. I need my children to learn where and when it is appropriate to blithely run on the blunt path and when to lithely travel the soft spoken course that will eventually lead to their success. While I find the task to be outlandishly drawl, I’ve also realized that it is vital to their ability to succeed in life. Be it getting into college and holding their tongue during their interview about their obese and potential heart-attack prone administrator, or their flippant boss who may or may not hold double and or triple standards about who ranked where can do what around the office.


I’ve lived a carefree life in which I’ve been able to be authentically myself wherever I may go. I openly express disgust and often am quick to correct someone I find to be wrong. As my children are growing though, they are becoming more perceptive of how I act towards, to, and in general around other people. It has been expressed that how I act publicly may not be the best example for my girls. I have taken much time to deliberate and discuss this with myself. The final conclusion? They just might be right.


So I’ve decided from today forward, any being who wishes to not know my disgust with them had best steer clear of my home. Should I meet you on my doorstep, you will be spared. My home is my castle, it is my domain and any who enter it are under my law. You will be treated accordingly. I will do my best to be civil outside the walls of my abode, but if I find you to be outlandish, if you are found incompetent, spared you will not be. It is my job, my duty, and most importantly, my privilege to teach my girls right from wrong. I must be the role model they need and deserve. In order to do this, I must be the best I can in all aspects. Even if that means softening the blow when dealing with individuals I find less than desirous.


A word to parents everywhere : Teach your children when to stand up for themselves, when to strike back. Teach them when to hold back, to pull their punches and soften the blow. Lead by example, because we should be their role models. Not television, not “music artists”, not comic characters. You, their parents.

Adorable Morning

So it was decided this morning before lunch arrived that we would have to go for a walk. In the process of getting ready for our walk, I asked the girls what color theme they wanted for their outfits. I should not have been surprised when they screamed together, “Pink!” They certainly looked adorable, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from this morning’s adventures!



There is actually an adorable little side thing that happened this morning as I was making pancakes for breakfast.


Celeste woke up but Marie didn’t and so I brought Celeste down to sit with me while I make breakfast. As I get the batter made for pancakes, Celeste suddenly cries out, “Its time to get sissy.” She marched up the stairs with adorable purpose, runs into her room and starts screaming at Marie “Its time get up! Wake up! Pancakes!” then runs back into the hall, waiting for me to appear at the bottom of the steps.She then yelled with impatience down to me “Mommy sissy no get up!” sounding all too disappointed and adorable. So I went to the foot of the stairs and she just kept going back and forth running into the room yelling for Marie to wake up. At one point, she got tired of yelling about pancakes, as apparently it’d become too many words to say so early in the morning. She started to just yell SISSY for the next three minutes, which finally worked. First thing Marie said when she got downstairs, “I found me! I found me down stairs.
After that adorable interaction and lunch was underway, we prepared for our trek to the store for some powdered drink mixes and kiddo snacks!
I figure we could all use a break from the drab and dreary, the fear and terror that is striking the hearts and insurance wallets of many around the nation. It may only be a short brief distraction, but it’s jam packed with cuteness to make it worthwhile!

So Much To Do, So Little Time

For those who were following me regularly, you may have noticed it seems that I’ve disappeared from the blogosphere! I assure you, no such thing has happened. It’s just hard to find time to write lately with homeschooling, chronic pain, and trying to keep the place clean and the kids fed. 


Since I’ve been so busy, I figured I would share with you something sweet and adorable. Without further ado, I’d like to share with you, my eldest daughter who decided this morning to share her smarts with the world! Honestly, none of the kids her age are as far advanced as she is. She even read the title to this post with only minor troubles!