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Impossible Dreams

Suze’s husband George gave me a idea for a post, “one dream that you can never see coming true”, and I’ve been pondering on this for some time now. Main reason I’ve not posted any Special Requests lately, to be honest. Reason being is that there are a few dreams that I’ve had that I honestly can never see coming true. To be quite frank, I feel sort of like Martin Luther King Jr, writing this right now. He had such inspirational dreams that he never really got to see become a reality. Even in this day and age, his dreams haven’t truly come to fruition. The key differences between him and I though is that I am for the most part alone in my dreams. Unlike him, I cannot rally thousands of people to unify against a common enemy.


I have a dream of true entrepreneurship, where businesses can be created from nothing other than a wonderful and amazing idea. I have a dream of companies building in America without the fear of excessive taxation. My dream also formulates around the ideology that companies wouldn’t be able to make donations to presidential or committee campaigns. The only donations a company could make would be those that would go to help hospitals pay for supplies needed for the sick, help cover the costs of food and electric found shelters and animal clinics. Most importantly though, they could make donations to S.T.E.M research facilities, to help advance our knowledge and create cures for things that plague the common people at low cost to those in need.


I have a dream of honest open public relations between the White House, Senate, Chambers of Commerce, and the American people. Where our politicians actually pay attention to the needs of the people, they strive to work towards a better America every day. They handle things with diplomatic means, not firepower and accusations. I dream of campaigns ran by people not with deep pockets filled with millions, but by people who truly have a platform worth listening to. No race baiting, no vile hate filled words spat at one another, no defamation of character. Just a real honest to goodness debate about the issues that face Americans, so we can truly decide who the right candidate is to run our country.


I have a dream that people could be open and honest with one another without someone screaming, “RACIST” or “PIG” or “MISOGYNIST”, because it would be known that what was said was said with the most brutal and utmost honesty. I dream of a day and age where we can communicate with one another without misunderstandings, where our words that we speak are truly what we mean. Instead of getting offended and screaming, “SAFE SPACE”, we could have open and honest debates about topics so that others could see another point of view without getting their feelings hurt. Let me tell you honey, you’re not a special snowflake. Your feelings are bound to get hurt and the only one who cares is you.


I dream of an age where families can actually choose whether or not one stays home and raises the family instead of both parents being forced to work. Where mother and father work together to build the family unit and can happily coexist on one income without fear of whether or not they’ll have food on the table long enough to last until their next check. I dream of a world where if mothers want to take care of the children at home, she can do so without snark and snide remarks. Where a man can work and not be looked poorly at because his wife takes care of the children. Or even the other way around! There are men out in the world who would give anything to be able to spend time with their children but can’t because of their job, while there are women who need to work because without something to do they go insane!


I dream of a time when we can truly say we are at peace with the world, war is a thing of the past. Where I can have a chat with someone without having my lack of faith constantly thrown in my face as if it were something to be ashamed of. A time when those of different religious beliefs aren’t persecuted for believing a different bible is correct. I’d love to see a time when all people cherish the life they’ve been given and refuse to start conflict with each other. Should conflict arise, I’d like to see a quick and fast speedy resolution that doesn’t involve violence.


Sadly, I know my dream will never come true. It is but only a dream, an impossible wish. This doesn’t even encompass all my dreams, but I hope that it gives you a little bit of perspective.

A Home Of Dreams – 2nd Floor

A continuation of Suze’s request, describing my dream home. I couldn’t just describe it in one post, I’ve way too many details I want to divulge! Okay, so from the living room there would be a stairwell that led upstairs, that’s how you’d find the 2nd floor of my humble abode. I’d have it look like it didn’t exist though, somehow. Like they do in trick houses where there are walkways between walls but you can’t find them unless you know what you’re looking for.


The first thing you’d notice as you go upstairs is the LACK of creaking and groaning as you walk, even if you were a behemoth weighing in at over 400lbs. Once you reach the landing, you’ll be greeted by a wide turn as you face a window that outlooks the side of the backyard. Turning around and looking down the hall, you would find yourself staring down a giant hallway.


The first door you’d find would be Celeste’s room, with a little plaque on the door that said her name. There would be wings of past costumes on her door pinned up, little ladybug wings here and there. The door itself would be speckled with purple polka dots on a bright hot pink background. If you dared to turn the ancient handle and enter the room, you would find yourself greeted by bright vibrant hues of pinks, purples, greens, and yellows. There would be a little book nook overlooking the backyard with a study desk in the corner. The bed would be a 4 poster princess canopy bed dressed in trills of pinks ranging from pastel to hot pink. I imagine she would have the bed all tousled and messy looking constantly, as she is the big mess maker right now.


Leaving her room and heading further down the hall the next door would be the bathroom the girls share. It would have pink and purple towels with tie dye bath mat in front of the tub. They’d have a tub that has a curtain covered in fairies, dragonflies, butterflies, and pixies. There would be a sink, absolutely cluttered with hair ties, hair bows, toothpaste and barrettes. Their toothbrushes would be neatly held in a caddy, the only tidy part of their bathroom! I imagine the floor would constantly have towels and clothing strewn around.


Traveling back into the large hallway, you realize you’ve not seen a single door on the left hand side. This seems puzzling, but onward you continue anyways. Soon you find Marie’s bedroom which has beautiful butterflies plastered all over it. Painted butterflies, butterfly stickers, and those fun little wall stickies that aren’t quite stickers of butterflies. She even managed to spell her name using small butterfly stickers! You can barely make out a rich purple paint behind all the decorations. As you turn the doorknob, your eyes are met with what can only be considered an obsession.


There are owls, butterflies, ladybugs, caterpillars, fireflies, and frogs galore all over her walls. There is no paint, just thousands upon thousands of stickers and wall stickies and hand drawn bugs and critters everywhere. The most disturbing part is none of them even have a specific color pattern, it’s just kind of all over the place. The rest of her room is rather strangely tidy, compared to her walls and door. Her clothing nicely hung, her dresser tucked in neatly by the door. I can see her bed being made, covered with a giant comforter with a big butterfly presented on top. Her ceiling would be covered in glow in the dark stars, surrounding the large light in her room. The nook for school work is tidy and put away, chair neatly pushed under the table. Reading nook has a blanket folded with the current book she is reading nestled on top with a bookmark hanging from within the pages.


Going further down the hall after closing Marie’s door, you finally find the one and only door on the left side of the hall. Pushing the door open your eyes would be greeted with a large bed up against the wall, bedside tables of varying style on either side. One bedside table has a standing tablet on it, the other has a folding laptop/tablet on it, both plugged up and charging. The walls are opaque, but you get the feeling it isn’t always this way. If you shut off the lights, it glows. The bed itself has a simple but comfy red and black fuzzy blanket, two pillows. A body pillow is on the floor by the standing tablet. The far wall opposite the bed has a door next to the tall dresser, which has knick knacks and such stacked on top of it.


The closet holds on one side his clothing, nicely organized and separated by work clothes and regular clothes, work shoes, dress shoes, and regular tennis shoes. The opposite side has my clothes, from nice pants and shirts to some tattered pants and yoga pants. There’s a couple of pairs of heels and a pair of tennis shoes. Not much to write home about, but I tend to enjoy more of a minimalist’s wardrobe.


The door next to the dresser leads to a large master bathroom with a big bath tub that resembles a hot tub or jacuzzi. Off in a corner is another closet that has finery and frippery, fancy shoes for him and I, along with a couple of finely pressed suits and a few fancy dresses all in dry cleaning bags. At the far end of the bathroom is a tall wide standing shower with sliding doors. Heading back towards the beginning of the bathroom is the toilet, properly sitting beside the large tub. Then by the toilet is a large double sink with his and hers tooth brush caddies, tooth pastes, hand soaps and so on. A large mirror covers the wall from the beginning of the sinks counter to the ceiling with pretty little staind glass patterns along the edges.


And that my dear friends is what I imagine my dream house’s 2nd floor to be like. Did I paint a vivid enough portrait for you? I certainly hope I did!

A Home Of Dreams – The 1st Floor

Hello and welcome to the second installment of Suze’s prompt for me, “describe your dream home..what colors, what rooms are there, where is it located”!! Since I went into such depth about my basement / bunker, I thought I’d give the other areas of the house their own post too!


Going upstairs into the main house from the basement’s living room, you would be entering the utility room fully equipped with an industrial sized washer and dryer duo set. There would be a folding table along with a full rack of hangers waiting to be used next to the dryer for convenience. The walls would be a bright lemon yellow, with flowers painted by the children as high as they could reach. I imagine this area would be constantly in use, so there would be baskets of laundry with pieces of clothes strewn about. The laundry soap and dryer sheets would be in their own baskets on a ledge jutting out from the wall between the washer and the door that leads to the back porch, just below a large window outlooking the backyard. If you were to go the opposite direction, heading away from the back porch, you’d find yourself coming around a wall and out into the kitchen.


Now the kitchen would be my queenly domain. My dream house would have a large open kitchen, no stupid dishwasher, but instead oodles of counter space as far as the eyes could see! I would need plenty of light in there so there would be at least three hanging lights with energy efficient bulbs and a few touch-lights that you push to give extra light should it be needed. It would have an eco-friendly low-energy electrically efficient fridge with doors that opened away from the fridge and a drawer for the freezer. Black, with red handles. My counter tops would be of the most gorgeous red marble, while the cabinets and cupboards would be black with red knobs. I’d of stenciled little designs on each cabinet to make them unique, either with purple paint or maybe lime green. Depends what hits my fancy. In the kitchen would be a large glass sliding door that leads to the main of the back porch patio, right after the sliding door would be the fridge/freezer, then would come at least three feet of countertop. When the countertop reaches the wall, there would be the stove. I would need a five burner stove top with a double oven and a microwave over top, at minimum. I bet you can already guess what colors it’d be too! Yup, black with red finish and handle!


As you’d be walking out into the dining room, you’d pass by the sink and the island countertop in the middle of the kitchen, because you can never have enough counter space! The kitchen island would have it’s own outlets, and that is where my coffee pot would be. The blender would be on the island too, for quick easy access. The last stretch of the wall before entering the dining room would have more counter space, but would be cluttered with papers, odds and ends, along with my griddle, my crock pot, my can opener, and my mini-blender. The section of wall where the opposite side leads to the living room would be a breakfast bar with 4 stools sitting at the ready. Why else would I have my griddle there?


Now the dining room would be a vastly large room because it’s a split of a dining room and a living room. Where the two rooms meet would be the front door. All my floors would be hardwood by the way, and not that shabbily put together hardwood but the real nice and treated hardwood floors that way they don’t scuff easily. The dining room would have a large beautiful mahogany table, square shaped so everyone has equal spacing and no one ends up feeling put out. It would be able to comfortably seat at least 8 people and still have plenty of room for food to be on display in the middle of the table, that way no one has to get out of their seat if they want seconds or something to drink. There would be a beautiful chandelier over the table to give a feeling of ambience, with a dial instead of a switch so you can control how much light is in the room.


The living room and the dining room would be separated by a large couch facing the wall which would have a giant projector screen on it like in the basement living room. I imagine the couch having blankets over the back of it from many a movie nights. The couch would be like the one I own now, black little feet with white base and black cushions, accompanied by some solid black and some white and black patterned pillows. Then there would be two laz-e-boy chairs on either side of the couch and following that, against the wall by the front door would be a little love seat. There would be lamps between the couch and the chairs and one final lamp at the far end in the corner by the love seat, to give it a nice feel. Speakers would be tacked up in the ceiling corners along the walls to give it theater quality sound. Why watch a movie if you can’t have good quality, right?


Off from the living room and behind the utility room would be the downstairs restroom and then the playroom which would double as a sleep-over room for the kids. It would be decorated with flowers, butterflies, lady bugs, dragonflies, and frogs everywhere! I envision this room also being highly used, at least two toy chests in the room filled with odds and ends toys, a little futon bed and a folded up air mattress for sleepovers and such. The larger toys would be stored away in the closet when not in use, though I don’t see it being tidy very often!


Alas, this is all I’m giving you for today on my dream home. Is the image vivid enough yet for you? It certainly is for me!

A Home Of Dreams – The Basement

Suze brought the idea up of “describe your dream home..what colors, what rooms are there, where is it located”, to which I honestly have probably put more thought into than what I wanted my dream wedding to be like! I’ve often fantasized and altered what I thought my dream home would look like. I’ve changed how many rooms I wanted, how much kitchen I needed, how much counter space was mandatory. I’ve even altered how large I wanted it often! I’ll do my best to paint a vivid image in your mind of my current desires for a “Dream Home”, as Suze requested.


I see my dream home as a large home with two stories and a full walk in basement. The basement would be furnished as a secondary living space, the far end of it turned into a bunker which would extend under the backyard, coming out to an opening through a shed at the back of the property. In order to get into the bunker, you would have to go through the live-in basement or the hatch in the shed. The bunker would be kept stocked with fresh supplies, the walls lined with canned goods so that they would only ever have to be replaced once or twice a year. There would be three lines of shelving covering the three back walls of the bunker, to ensure there is plenty to last. Any time that the year comes to a close and we haven’t used any of the food in the storage, it would be donated to a shelter.


In a corner of the bunker, there would be at least a half-dozen kegs of fresh water, to ensure that if there is ever a drought, we have plenty of water saved up. Near the exit of the bunker storage area would be a kitchen area with a stove, some pots and pans, a sink and extra trash bags in the cabinet below. Against the wall just beyond the stove would be an extra power generator and a stock of extra power cells, to ensure there is plenty of electricity to last, should a disaster strike. Throughout the bunker would be lights with stained glass bulbs colored by the children and I, to bring a little cheer during potential dreary times.


When you walk away from the bunker area into the main area of the basement, there would be a large sit-in living room fully furnished with a large couch, a few chairs and a chaise lounge. It would have a projector mounted on the ceiling with a large projector screen covering the back wall of the basement to watch movies on and a full surround sound system, speakers on each wall and a subwoofer under the projector itself. Spare blankets would be stored in a closet off to the side from the entertainment center, along with pillows and some stove top popcorn on the top shelf.


There would be three doors in the basement, one leading upstairs, one leading to a single toilet and washroom, and the final door leading out to a large bedroom with its own master bathroom. The bedroom itself would be large, with a king size bed up against the wall separating the bedroom from the bathroom. There would be a quaint little nightstand separating the bathroom door and the bed from eachother with a floral touch lamp. The bed would have a gorgeously luxurious red satin blanket/comforter that could be reversed to black. Against the wall opposite the bed would be a large television screen hooked up to a VHS/DVD/BluRay combo player. Along the walls would be little lights shaped like roses that could be flicked on or off either beside the bed or at the door leading to the living room.


The bathroom would have a large bathtub, clawfoot style with ornate little carvings of roses and flowers. A nice little quaint toilet, a bath mat colored red would be by the tub. There would be a large standing shower with sliding doors. Opposite the large bathtub would be a double sink with vanity mirror. Hanging from the ceiling would be three daisy lights, giving off soft hues of light to fill the room.


As much as I’d love to continue, I’ll save the first floor for tomorrow! Hope I’ve painted a pretty decently vivid picture for you so far!

Dreamy Changes

I was given a topic by a wonderful lady, Amanda, who I met through joining the Blogging MeetUp. If it hadn’t been for Suze inviting me, I doubt I’d of met the wonderfully courageous and inspiring people that I now spend every day sifting through for interesting things to read during my down time! Her idea for a post was

“Make a dreamy kind of change and tell us about it. If there was one thing in your life you could change right now, what would it be and why? What would you want that change to result in?”

A pretty darn good and thought provoking idea to write about! 


The first question and in my opinion, one of the most important parts of the entire idea she brought to me would be what would I change right now in my life. If there were one solid thing in my life I could change right now, it would be to have my son with me. If I could change who my sons father is, and have his father be my husband, my life literally would be complete.


For the past 3 going on 4 years now, I have not been able to see my son. I’ve not been able to talk to him either. The closest I’ve come is a few months back his father sent me a photo of him, which by that time was already a month past since it’d been taken. Since then, I’ve not heard from his father or received any form of message from him. Due to him being torn from my life with swift and abrupt cruelty as he was, I’ve dreaded the Christmas time as well as the time around my husband and mine’s anniversary. This is primarily due to the fact that my son was born in December, but it was around the end of February, the beginning of March that his father gave me the ultimate ultimatum. 


If I could have my son be with me, with my husband being his father instead of who his current father is, I can only imagine the fun we would have. Our trips to Kings Island would be so much, taking him on some of the semi-intermediate rides and celebrating his birthday together as a family. I can only imagine the cheerful happy smiles and laughter, my son and my husband playing together like they used to before he was ripped from my arms. The father-son joy that they would be able to share again, and the bond I would have with him would be unimaginable. We would probably already have gotten ourselves a house, fully equipped with a basketball court, a large fun playground, and a place to play wall ball! After all, my husband and I are basically giant kids. We love this stuff too!


It would be the best change a parent like myself could hope for, could ask for, could dream for. I thank Amanda, again, for giving this idea to me. It gave me time to think about a possibility, regardless of whether it were true or not, and it put a smile on my face.

Oh The Wonders

My dear friend Suze’ husband Poor George came up with the idea behind this post, and it is indeed a post worth posting! Traveling with children, especially young children, is a mighty energy drainer! Both mentally and emotionally, especially if you have young children that for some inexplicable reason don’t enjoy being in the car! I often dread long car rides for this exact reason.


My youngest daughter seems to hate the car, with the fierce passion of a billion suns. Whenever we are in the car for longer than an hour, she seems to either fall asleep or lose her ever loving mind. In such a case, we had gone up a state in order to spend time with family. We had brought some toys to entertain the girls, though Marie thought we brought toys for her to steal from her sister. Epic sibling rivalry battle taking place in the back seat, us being on the interstate between different states. 


I remember with little to no fondness finding myself yelling at them to stop screaming in the back seat as they played an epic and never ending game of tug-of-war. At the time we had two LeapPals puppies, a Violet for Marie and a Scout for Celeste. The nightmare had begun when Marie stole a scout and Celeste was hell bent and determined to get it back into her arms. Little did I know though, Celeste had stolen Marie’s Violet puppy in retaliation on top of trying to steal back her Scout.


I think the part that drove me the most bonkers was that the whole time we were in the car, from the moment we pulled out of our complex, the kids kept hollering “Gramma Papaws house!” until I finally lost it and told them in a louder than intended voice, “WE ARE NOT GOING TO GRANDMA AND GRANDPAS HOUSE!” I usually try to keep my cool but after over half an hour of them yelling the same thing over and over, I lost my cool. It was less than pleasant.


Sadly these occurances are more and more frequent. We can’t even go to the grocery store without it turning into a fiasco! If there were anything I could hope for when it comes to traveling with children, it would be that they sleep the whole darn car ride. Save everyone some mental and emotional anguish!